Partnership with MÖBIUS renewed - Lean and smart

Ghent-based consultancy company MÖBIUS has renewed its Prime Foundation Partnership with Vlerick Business School, in an agreement that is expected to strengthen cooperation on smart business practices.

As a Prime Foundation Partner, MÖBIUS contributes strongly to our activities, helping set the research strategy, while enjoying high visibility throughout the Vlerick environment.

MÖBIUS first became our partner six years ago, and focused much of its partnership on supply chain management. This is set to shift towards operational excellence, with MÖBIUS starting a lean management benchmark project with us.

As a guarantee for reliability, progressiveness and leadership, Vlerick is an ideal partner for MÖBIUS,” says Dieter Roman, MÖBIUS’s Marketing Manager. “It has been a real knowledge centre, keeping us informed about the latest developments. We expect the partnership to be win-win for both parties in the coming years.