Premium Talent Partnership brings Vlerick Alumni closer to the school

The Talent Partnership, which aims at recruiting Vlerick talent, has been recently improved with optional add-ons. Companies opting for a Premium Talent Partnership also get access to our Vlerick Alumni Association, are offered a Student Traineeship in their company and can use our infrastructure for free.

In a continuously changing world the needs of companies partnering with us are changing as well. “Our corporate partners are asking for add-ons”, Maureen O’Hare, responsible for Corporate development at Vlerick, explains. “They want more a more tailor-made approach with more return. With the creation of a Premium Talent Partnership, which runs over 5 years instead of 3, we aim to present them a solution that is tailor-made and flexible at the same time.”

Geert Fiers, general manager of Vlerick Alumni, agrees: “We see the same trend among our alumni partners. Where companies ally with us for networking opportunities and increasing brand awareness, we see they also take interest in the training & development of their people and recruiting Vlerick talent. With this new concept we make abstraction of the traditional boundaries between ‘the School’ and ‘the Alumni’ and create an offering that meets their requirements and allows us to develop partnerships on a longer term.