‘Skills are just as important as qualifications’

New Talent partner LeasePlan is seeking highly qualified profiles for more complex context

LeasePlan’s positive experience with Vlerick recruits is one of the reasons why it has decided to commit to a Talent Partnership. “We need Masters and MBA graduates who can operate in an increasingly complex context.” Michel Van den Broeck, Managing Director of LeasePlan Belgium, and HR Director Renee Agneessens explain the importance of this partnership.

“Our experience with Vlerick graduates has been excellent,” says Renee Agneessens. “They’re persuasive and think in terms of solutions, something that’s clearly an inherent part of the Vlerick culture. What’s more, they’re often prepared to work on projects abroad to further their personal development within LeasePlan’s international environment. The skills they’ve acquired while studying at Vlerick and their clear open-mindedness are just as important to us as their qualifications.”

In-house training programme

Every new LeasePlan employee completes an in-house training programme. Renee: “All of our corporate training is based on three key ingredients: our company’s vision, a theoretical component (role-play, e-learning module, lectures, etc.) and on-the-job training. For anyone aspiring to become an account manager or sales manager, the programme takes a good nine months.”

Entrepreneurship and commercial feeling

Michel Van den Broeck takes up this point: “Such intensive training is essential, given the sophisticated nature of what we do: vehicle leasing also includes banking and insurance activities, which have presented us with many challenges the past few years in terms of regulation and compliance. The thing I really value about Vlerick profiles is that they can operate effortlessly within that strict framework, while adding their sense of entrepreneurship and commercial feeling.”

Choose car and leasing company

The Talent Partnership with Vlerick also involves a commercial element for LeasePlan. Michel: “In our experience, when it comes to choosing a company car, people are increasingly making a conscious decision about their vehicle leasing company too, so we want to create awareness of this across the whole Vlerick community. LeasePlan is also seeking to focus more on small and medium-sized businesses and sole traders, and traditional trade journals are not the way to reach them.”

LeasePlan is a global fleet management and driver mobility company of Dutch origin. Established over 50 years ago, LeasePlan has grown to become the world’s leading fleet and vehicle leasing company, with more than 85% of its 6,800-strong workforce operating from offices in 32 countries.