The destinations for our new Global Executive MBA

Almost all business today is global business. Whether you’re exporting to international markets, complying with regulations in different jurisdictions, establishing supply chains that criss-cross the world – or buying from someone who already has – your business thinking is most effective when it’s global.

This is why we’re so excited to launch the Global Executive MBA this spring. Starting on September 20, 2020, it’s designed to help participants strengthen their truly global mindset, so they can become leaders who make a lasting positive impact on society.

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To develop this global mindset, you need to experience businesses, innovations and thinking, all over the world. Our new Global Executive MBA takes participants on a highly integrated journey of learning and discovery across the globe, alongside super-flexible online learning. Here, Programme Director Professor Martin Weiss explains the countries you’ll take in – and the reasons they’re the very best places to learn global, impactful leadership.

Martin says: “Modules are facilitated over a six-day period in different cities in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia. Each of the countries we visit has something very specific to contribute to the integrated journey.”

First stop: The beating heart of Europe

If you want to do business in – or with – Europe, you need to understand what Europe is, and how it works in terms of societies, politics and economies. So we take you to the European institutions and guide you through them. Martin adds: “We also make sure you spend time with key players, so you can truly get under the skin of how decisions are made.

“You’ll come to understand the challenges facing Europe right now, as well as trends and discussions impacting on the development of the economy and even society. We’ll also help you lift the lid on lobbying to understand how companies can have influence. And then you’ll integrate all this knowledge and insight into your own experiences and learning.”

Second stop: Silicon valley

There’s perhaps no sector that has more impact on society right now than technology. And where better to deeply immerse in digital disruption and opportunity than Silicon Valley?

Martin explains: “Along with our partner, the University of San Francisco, we’ll take you inside the businesses that are changing the way we all live, work and see the world. You’ll get to listen to and network with their decision-makers – and you’ll be invited to consider the impacts they have on societies across the globe. In addition, you’ll be learning from the foremost academics in technology-related spheres. Cyber crime, techno-ethics and the concept of “failure” are just some of the topics you’ll be exploring – and building into your global mindset.”

And all the while, of course, you’ll be experiencing first-hand how business in the USA feels.

Third stop: Brussels and the European marketplace

Europe is an exciting marketplace – and Brussels is the ideal base to learn how to reach audiences within it. You’ll explore how to develop successful marketing strategies, particularly within the European context. You’ll meet and network with successful companies and their senior leaders. And you’ll learn how they develop digital strategies that set and stay ahead of digitisation trends.

“Our world-leading faculty will guide you through marketing strategy and digital transformation. They’ll provoke discussions – and help you develop approaches to thrive in Europe and beyond,” says Martin.

Fourth stop: All change in São Paulo

If you want to see the impact of business on society, Brazil is a great place to learn. The country’s economy is emerging, which brings great possibilities as well as serious questions about sustainability and sharing wealth.

Martin says: “In São Paulo, alongside our partners at the Fundação Dom Cabral (FDC), you’ll learn to develop the people and change skills to transform your organisation. You’ll also learn to integrate sustainable thinking into your management approach. And you’ll get first-hand experience with companies who’ve transitioned to agile business models. Participants also have the opportunity to spend time with an NGO.”

Fifth stop: Zaragoza, the city that supplies the world

In the North of Spain, inland from Barcelona, is the city of Zaragoza, where businesses like Inditex have made their supply chain model their unique point of difference. Inditex brands include Zara, Massimo Dutti and Bershka – and participants on the Global Executive MBA programme will get to visit their sites and learn from them.

Martin says: “Participants will be challenged to see supply chain transformation as an opportunity to think globally and sustainably. And all the while, they’ll be building your business skills, outlooks and contacts.”

Sixth stop: Innovating in Seoul

The Global Executive MBA journey starts at the macro level – looking at how society, regulation, trends and cultures impact on business, and how business impacts on them in return. By the time we get to Seoul, we’re looking at how we transform all this insight into innovation.

Martin explains: “The South Korean capital is a hub of innovation – and we’ll be looking at what exactly makes it this way. Participants will be challenged to think about working in a global ecosystem and imagine ways of facilitating innovation by bringing international teams together to co-create.”

"We visit companies, examine highly important content, listen to expert speakers and work together."

No final destination – because this is just the beginning

Joining the Global Executive MBA at Vlerick opens your mind to so many new possibilities and approaches. It re-energises your thinking and gives you ideas, whether you work in a company or you want to follow an entrepreneurial path.

It’s a journey that gives you the knowledge, courage, contacts and insight to leap to the next level. And, says Martin, it’s a journey that will see you hungry to learn more throughout your life and career.

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