The quest for the best possible match between companies and students

The 43 students of the full-time MBA programme at Vlerick Business School are nearing the finish line. Their academic year ends in August with their graduation. Most students have a clear career plan in mind. They want to join a new company or sector, preferably in Europe. During their job search they are not alone; they can count on Eva Pareit (Career Advisor Full-time MBA) for advice and assistance.  


According to Eva, the main goal is for the student to share the company’s values and culture. In this view, a personal approach takes centre stage. “My task is to help them build a logical career business plan. It’s a constant quest for the perfect match. In order to be successful in this view, you need to know the students through and through, and you also need a good insight into the companies. You can have a student who matches the job description 100 per cent, but if there’s no connection with the business culture, the relationship is bound to fail. Companies look for talents who want to invest in long-term relationships. Choosing a certain company or candidate must be a well-thought-out decision.”

Moreover, the full-time MBA students have another important asset. Each and every one of them has the necessary professional experience and technical skills. Their MBA degree and the knowhow acquired in the past year, is a nice extra. But what makes them truly unique is their fresh and, most importantly, international view, according to Eva. “They bring along new insights thanks to their work experience in their country of origin. The groups are made up of many different nationalities, which results in very diverse views. This exchange of experiences from different countries results in far more creative candidates. In the current knowledge economy our students can offer that little bit extra.”

Networking is key

In preparation for that important first contact with a company, Vlerick Career Services focus strongly on networking. Eva spends a lot of time finding the right contacts. “Networking can really open doors and in Belgium it plays a much bigger role than in Great Britain for example. Personal contact can hugely increase a candidate’s chances. Once the first contact has been made, it is, of course, time for the students to show off their baggage, unique skills and personality for themselves.”


  • 43 students: 25 men and 18 women
  • 81.4% are foreigners
  • The group is made up of 21 different nationalities
  • Average age: 30 years old
  • Average professional experience: 5 years
  • Almost half (46.5%) of all students have a background in economics  
  • Other degrees: Engineering (25.6%), Law / Political & Social Sciences (9.3%), Medicine (7%), Philosophy / Arts (7%), Exact Sciences (4.7%)

Searching for a candidate for a very specific position? Does it feel like looking for a needle in a haystack? Or would you simply like to receive more information about the available profiles? Vlerick organises many free events and initiatives to establish contacts between companies and students: the MBA Recruitment Day, company visits, the Recruitment Guide, an online recruitment platform which contains all the students’ CVs and a job database, and much more. Looking for more information about recruitment opportunities? Feel free to contact Eva Pareit to discover what our students can do for your company.



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