Vlerick climbs European and worldwide ranking for executive education programmes and remains #1 in the Benelux

Results of the Financial Times Executive Education Ranking 2016

  • Ranked 1st in the Benelux for the fifth year in a row
  • Ranked 16th in Europe – up two places
  • Ranked 29th worldwide – up five places
  • Significant jump in worldwide rankings for customised programmes – up 10 places worldwide

The latest Financial Times Executive Education Ranking confirms Vlerick Business School's position as an outstanding choice for training programmes for managers and entrepreneurs. In the Benelux, Vlerick remains the #1 ranked provider of executive education, a distinction it has held for the past five years. Vlerick has also made significant advances in the worldwide ranking, rising 5 places to 29th place, thereby strengthening its position among the top schools in an extremely competitive field. Vlerick also rose two places in the European ranking, climbing to 16th place.

We’ve made impressive progress in the rankings this year, thanks to years of hard work developing the kinds of programmes that really make a difference for both managers and entrepreneurs. We’d like to thank all of our clients and alumni for choosing Vlerick and for providing us with positive feedback about the Vlerick Learning Experience”, says General Director Patrick De Greve.

The Financial Times Executive Education Ranking takes into account both open programmes (4 to 20-day programmes for executives and entrepreneurs) and customised programmes (internal training programmes targeting specific groups within an organisation).

Ranking for the open programmes

In the category of open programmes, Vlerick Business School rose 3 places to 29th in the world, the continuation of an upward trend that saw Vlerick climb 4 places last year. Within Europe, Vlerick remains firmly established at number 13 out of a total of 75 business schools offering open programmes.

We owe our rise through the ranks primarily to growth and to a significant increase in the number of repeat clients, which is in turn a clear indicator of their belief in the quality of the programmes we offer. This is the result of the Vlerick approach, which centres on our clients and their specific learning goals and gives clients the opportunity to design their own programmes à la carte”, says De Greve. “We also receive high marks for our continuing investment in developing new courses and employing innovative teaching methods, as well as for the degree to which the programmes meet participants’ expectations and help them achieve their established objectives”.

Ranking for the customised programmes

Particularly impressive is Vlerick Business School’s ranking in the highly-competitive area of customised internal training programmes for businesses. Vlerick jumped 10 places in the worldwide ranking, landing a spot at number 33 out of a total of 85 business schools in this category.

Our gains in this area are the result of excellent marks in four specific categories”, explains De Greve. “First, thanks to our continued commitment to internationalisation, we offered significantly more programmes abroad than in previous years. Second, we have made great strides in the ‘Value for Money’ category. When compared to other business schools, we not only offer an excellent value proposition, but are also able to translate that value into ROI for businesses. Unsurprisingly, we also received high marks for ‘Future Use’. Our clients are highly satisfied with Vlerick and really feel that the programmes have made a difference. Finally, we received substantially higher marks this year for ‘New Skills and Learning’. Contrary to what you might expect from a business school, we offer more than just a theoretical and conceptual framework; our pragmatic approach, combined with innovative digital techniques, ensure that we also have a strong and efficient impact on new skills developed by people and organisations”.

In addition to these criteria, Vlerick’s excellent marks for the quality of its customised programmes are also due to an increased focus on the development phase that precedes each programme. “Our approach to developing customised programmes has evolved significantly over the past 2 to 3 years. First, we strive to better understand the specific educational needs of each of our clients. Using a variety of tools, we work with clients to help them identify these needs. Second, we place a high priority on enriching the programmes with business-specific material to ensure they are highly relevant. In today’s world, clients demand programmes with a practical, action-oriented approach that are relevant to their specific situation. And that’s exactly what Vlerick Business School delivers”.

 Last year, a total of 8,534 entrepreneurs and managers completed programmes at Vlerick Business School. 3,544 participants chose one of the 81 open training programmes. Vlerick also developed 138 customised programmes specifically for 4,990 participants at local and international companies including Aliaxis, Atlas Copco, Beeline, BESIX, Bostik, Carrefour, DSM, Etex, Janssen, KBC, Nestlé, Niko Group, Rabobank, TOMRA, USG People and Vesuvius.


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