Vlerick congratulates Sanoma Media and Umicore on winning the Supply Chain Award 2012

On 27 November, the ninth Supply Chain Award was presented during a gala award event. This competition – an initiative of VIB and PICS – awards the year’s most impactful logistics/supply chain project in Flanders. SMEs as well as multinationals are welcome to compete for the award.

The jury, under the chairmanship of Chris Van Doorslaer (CEO of Cartamundi), determined the level of ‘impact’ on the basis of the following questions: does the project cover multiple aspects of the supply chain? is it innovative? can the supply chain respond flexibly to the customer’s request? does the project have impact on the company’s profitability? and are the results measurable? Professor Ann Vereecke represented Vlerick Business School as one of the jury members judging the projects.

Vlerick Business School wishes to congratulate all of the finalists on their projects – and, in particular, Steven Raekelboom, winner of the Supply Chain Award 2012, and Rozemie Malfait, winner of the public award.

  • Steven Raekelboom is Planning & Distribution Manager at Sanoma Media. In his winning project, he limited supply risk by defining better indicators and via analytical follow-up with the aid of SAS business analytics software. This enables Sanoma to bridge the supply chain activities and the optimal use of data from the entire chain.
  • The prize awarded by the public went to Rozemie Malfait, Procurement Manager Group Contracts at Umicore. Her project focused on sustainable supplier relations and, more specifically, the application of the Umicore Charter for Sustainable Procurement.

Your interest is aroused, and you would like more details about the winning project? You’re in luck: Steven Raekelboom will speak at the Vlerick Supply Chain Conference on 10 December.

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