The Vlerick Impact Club wants to stimulate the Belgian business world to increase its social and sustainable impact

Last year, the European Commission launched a new industrial strategy based on three pillars: global competitiveness, a green Europe and a digital Europe. The strategy aims to prepare companies for the future. The launch of the Vlerick Impact Club ties in perfectly with this, as the Club wishes to play a pioneering role in the areas of social and sustainable impact within Belgian industry.

Last year, Vlerick Business School launched several alumni clubs, an initiative that arose from the demand for lasting engagement for alumni after their studies came to an end. The alumni clubs that form part of the Business & Professional segment offer alumni a platform where they can share knowledge and gain new insights. The clubs are run by Vlerick alumni in collaboration with Vlerick professors and key figures from the field.

The Business & Professional Clubs focus on one specific field; examples include entrepreneurship, healthcare or digital transformation. The latest addition to the list is the Vlerick Impact Club, an initiative launched by Vlerick Business School, Vlerick alumnus Henri Jacobs (Forcit Benelux) and KPMG.

The mission of the Vlerick Impact Club is to bring together professionals from different sectors and get them to think about ways in which the Belgian business world can contribute to the creation of social and sustainable impact. The Vlerick Impact Club uses the Sustainable Development Goals as a frame of reference and will encourage its members to create positive impact (e.g. by helping to solve global challenges) and reduce negative impact (e.g. by identifying, preventing and reducing potential negative externalities).

On a quarterly basis, the Vlerick Impact Club will organise an event that is in line with the above-mentioned reference framework and the Belgian business community. The Vlerick factor is a crucial piece of the puzzle, as the extensive alumni network opens the door to cross-sectoral activities and initiatives. The events will not only discuss success stories, but will also reflect on setbacks, doubts and challenges. This is important because creating social and sustainable impact is a long-term challenge.

During the digital launch of the Vlerick Impact Club, it was announced that the first official event – a hybrid conference – will take place on 27 October 2021. During the conference, the Belgian agricultural and horticultural group Arvesta will explain which steps the company is currently taking in the sustainability arena. Arvesta is a Belgian company that is actively working with the Sustainable Development Goals and has had a strong year. The Vlerick Impact Club is therefore delighted to welcome the company on the occasion of its first event.

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