Why working @ Vlerick Business School?

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The best way to find out about Vlerick as a workplace is to hear from insiders. Below is a sampling of some staff comments, that provide insider information regarding work life at Vlerick Business School.

Smaranda Boros (Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour)

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Why working @ Vlerick?
“Because it always keeps you on your toes. Because you really do feel you get to be a part of building something bigger.  Because you get to work with warm, friendly colleagues. And because it's great fun.
Most educational organizations claim they are dynamic and innovative. However, more often than not, when you try to colour outside the lines and come up with new ideas, you very quickly find the boundaries of an organization's appetite for creativity. Keeping the status quo trumps innovation more often than not. And that is something I don't feel here. There is something terribly refreshing about working in a School that allows professionalism to intertwine with fun and play, and fosters creativity in both content and procedures. And you get to do all that with people you really like!”

Fannie Debussche (Offline Marketeer)
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“Even in my very first conversation with Vlerick – some 17 years ago now – I thought ‘I want to work here’! What motivates me most is the variety in the job and the autonomy with which you can determine the job content. New challenges appear every day, which keep the job varied and interesting. The flexibility, the respect for who you are as an individual, and the informal corporate culture are additional elements that make me feel very good working here.”

A vibrant, international, pragmatic and open environment to work in

  • Vlerick Business School is one of a select group of institutions in the world that has all 3 of the major international accreditations relevant to the world of management education: EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB. This triple accreditation signifies that Vlerick's management education and research correspond with the highest quality standards in the world.
  • The School's rankings confirm its position as a top-level European business school.
  • Vlerick takes pride in strong academic roots. Through our association with our two partner universities in Belgium, Ghent University and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, our faculty is privileged to join forces with a large pool of talented researchers. This gives our faculty the opportunity to formally collaborate with our parent universities as affiliated researchers (with Ghent University) or Research Fellows (with KU Leuven).
  • Vlerick prides itself in its excellent mix of academic knowledge & business expertise through its strong connections with the academic and corporate world. Its ongoing contact with the world of business and industry provides it with practical, hands-on experience and knowledge against which to test academic theory and develop relevant solutions.
  • Belgium being a favorite location for the European headquarters of multinational companies, the School opens the doors to corporate decision-makers across Europe, athording them the opportunity for world class education.
  • The School uses this linkage and its academic grounding to develop programmes that are practical and relevant to business life. Programmes that bridge the divide between theory and practice. Moreover, in addition to providing academic knowledge and business expertise, the School also seeks to impart those attitudes and skills that are essential for a successful management career.
  • Vlerick continually stimulates entrepreneurship and innovation as its responsibility to society. By influencing the social, political, educational and economic environments that impact on professional management and entrepreneurship, it stimulates a sense of entrepreneurship and innovation in society at large.
  • Despite being one school, Vlerick has 3 campuses in Ghent, Brussels and Leuven. Campuses that provide a window on Europe and one of the world's major growth markets.
  • The Ghent Campus is located in the beautifully renovated premises of the Groot Seminarie, in the heart of Ghent. Ghent is an exciting, modern city, yet it is also rich in strikingly beautiful medieval and art nouveau buildings. The recently renovated Leuven campus is close to the campus of the Catholic University of Leuven symbolising the close collaboration between Vlerick and its parent university. The Leuven campus is within walking distance of shops, restaurants and places of historical interest.  
  • The school also offers both full-time and part-time MBA programmes in Beijing, opening a window on the very important Asian market and giving our faculty a unique opportunity to do research and develop teaching material in one of the world’s most exciting markets.
  • The school also has a collaboration agreement with University of Stellenbosch Business School. This affords great opportunities in the areas of research, knowledge transfer and the development of management programmes. Vlerick faculty have the opportunity of explore South Africa.

In short, Vlerick Business School has much to offer the academic and business world, but is always open to new knowledge and insights eminating from the business world. Make sure to get in touch!

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