London Chapter: ARCHITECTURE IN SPACE: Designing a home on Mars

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It is in human nature to explore, and permanent settlements of people on other planets are only a matter of time. Designing for these extremely hostile environments invites architects to rethink buildings. They need to be as integrated as can be, combining a marvel of engineering with a beautiful aesthetic and enable a healthy living environment.

The deployment and construction of the settlement uses 3D Printing on indigenous materials and is designed to take place before the astronauts arrive. The system relies on rules and objectives rather than closely defined instructions which makes it more adaptive to unexpected challenges.

 Norman Foster Offices


6-6.30pm         private tour of Foster + Partners offices for Platinum and Gold members (max 20 people)
6.30pm            start introduction
6.45-7.30pm    lecture + Q&A
7.30-8.30        networking reception

Keynote speaker:
 Jan Dierckx Jan Dierckx is part of the Specialist Modelling Group at Foster + Partners where he advises on complex geometry and design to manufacturing. He consults on projects worldwide including the Bloomberg and Apple Headquarters. Jan combines this role with several research initiatives in the practice and with collaborators, which range from a speculative design for a Martian habitat to software and workflow development for large-scale 3D printing. His current focus is to bring compliant industrial robotics into architecture and he is now managing robotics innovation initiatives in the practice after setting up their first robotic arm. He studied in Belgium, Germany, and at the Bartlett School of Architecture at University College London, and is still involved with academia worldwide through lectures and workshops.

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