Book Presentation: how to make it in China?

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A surprising insider's look at an unknown world power.

China has become a market that no country or company can ignore anymore. The time that imitation used to be China’s core business is finished. China focuses heavily on innovation and is responsible for  almost 40% of the global economic growth since 2009. Soon we will change the slogan "Made in China" for "Designed in China".

If westerners would like to be part of this evolution, they better act fast. “Hoe maak ik het in China?” helps a great deal with this. The book paints a nuanced picture of the country and the current social, political and economic trends, such as the consumer behavior of the rapidly growing middle class, the enormous growth of Chinese investment abroad, the massive air pollution problem or China’s shift to green energy.

Although these trends are similar to earlier development from the West, this book shows that China chooses its own path. Whoever misses this perspective will never understand the logic of the country.

Sven Agten   

On Februari 23rd Sven Agten, MBA alumna, launches his book “Hoe maak ik het in China?“. The book in Dutch is being published by publishing company Lannoo and offers a surprising view at China, an unknown super power. The book shows that China we will be changing the slogan "Made in China" for "Designed in China" and that China has become a market that no company or country can ignore anymore.