Chinese Chapter: The world is changing and so is leadership…The rise of Suited Monks

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We live in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world where scandals and crises are symptomatic of a need for a new leadership model to emerge.

Suited Monk Leaders align their Suit (career) with their Monk (purpose in life) to lead change for good business and responsible growth. They navigate their decisions in life and career based on true caring, sensing and knowledge.

The global talent war will need to consider this paradigm shift, especially in China, where Millenials (GenY) are keen to make a difference and select a career and bosses who enable exactly that.

Keynote speakers
  • Raf Adams Author of ''The Suited Monk'' and ''Suited Monk Leadership'', Executive Coach, Chief Wisdom Officer at GLO
  • Peter Buytaert, Connectivity Document Controller at Agfa HealthCare
Extra information

raf_adamRaf is the author of The Suited Monk and Suited Monk Leadership Co-Founder and Chief Wisdom Officer at Good Leaders Online (

He spends most of his time speaking and teaching on the subject of authenticity in life and business at organizations such as CEIBS and TEDx. Prior to his current career as a speaker and coach, he worked for eight years in sales in an international shipping company.

Raf was born in Belgium and has been living in Asia for the past eight years. When he was 27 he experienced a spontaneous awakening which led him to his current career as an author, teacher and speaker specializing in corporate leadership.

It was from his own experience and research that Raf created the Life Journey ® and GAP models which are completely unique in the coaching and personal growth sector.

His Suited Monk concept is based on the next generation of leadership development which is focused on self-knowledge, self-mastery and greater wisdom and compassion. His articles have been published in Forbes India, The Economist Intelligence Unit and Korea Times.

peter_buytaertPeter Buytaert builds on more than twenty five years of Asia executive management, leadership and entrepreneurial experience of which 10 years in China and is founder of CGL Management Consulting (a China startup incubator), as well as co-founder of GLO (Good Leaders Online). GLO is an innovative leadership selection and development platform advocating responsible and authentic leadership.

He is guest lecturer on leading change, corporate governance and Asia/China strategy at various MBA programs, among which CEIBS and Pepperdine University.
From 2007 thru 2010 he served as Chairman for three consecutive years of the Benelux Chamber of Commerce (Bencham) of Shanghai (

Peter has executive and consulting experience in life sciences, automotive, oil & gas, as well as services business.

Prior to his entrepreneurial career, Peter was President Asia for Agfa Graphics, as well as Managing Director of various country organizations in the region (Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and South East Asia)

He followed an undergraduate program of Law, prior to graduating with a Master in Commercial Engineering (“Handelsingenieur”) at EHSAL Brussels and followed the INSEAD Advanced Management Program, as well as Strategic Business Economics Program at the University of Asia and the Pacific in Manila.


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