Stress Less with Mindfulness

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Mindfulness is a scientifically based attention training method that helps people dealing with stress, sleeplessness, worrying, difficult emotions… It also boosts creativity and teaches you how to enjoy more moments of your life. Just by being really present.

There are hundreds of studies showing that this method is very effective: it leads to higher levels of engagement, concentration, authenticity, and also to less burn-out, absenteeism and stress. This technique is very simple, but not easy. This training method is though because it demands strong motivation and perseverance if you really want to reap its impressive benefits.

Microsoft, Telenet, Testachats, Euroclear, Jetair, Befimmo, Janssen Pharma, Bekaert, ING… are some of the companies that get excellent return on investment by offering their employees mindfulness trainings.

During this session you get to know what mindfulness is and how you can use it @work and @home. You are also invited to participate in a personal mindfulness experience.

 Luc Rombaut

Luc Rombaut is managing director and business trainer at the Institute for Training of Attention and Mindfulness (Itam). He is also director of Drugstories, a drug prevention organization. Before he worked as communication consultant (EthiCom), teacher (Marketing and French) and as advertising and communication manager in the profit (Young and Rubicam, RTL-TVI) and social profit sector (Plan International, Oxfam Fairtrade). Phone: 0486/83.06.72
e-Mail: [email protected]  

 At the end of the lecture you get a copy of the book [email protected] Stapstenen naar meer evenwicht op de werkvloer.