From the chess playing turk until our digital age

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The speaker sketches a historic overview of the different technological evolutions that influenced society and that led to the actual digital capabilities. This overview will put the different pre-digital and digital technologies (communication and information, storage, processing power, cost, consumerisation, power consumption) on a timescale showing how it influenced society at that moment.

Overview of the actual digital state-of-art and its influence on our actual information-driven-society in a number of domains (e.g. security, traffic, healthcare, smart city, sustainability, media, mobile, etc.).

The lecture ends with visions about how digital evolution can become reality in the next decades.

 Alain Grijseels

Speaker: ir. Alain Grijseels Alain graduated as civil engineer in electronics in 1976 and became professionally active in the emerging IT industry developing hardware, software, firmware, operating systems, communication systems.

In the late 80’s he started developing large applications for different types of industries and public sector having alternately the roles of technologist, business analyst and project/program manager.

From 2005 to 2010 he was IT manager of the RIZIV-INAMI-NIHDI of the Belgian Federal Government and from 2010-2014 het was director of IT Advisory at KPMG Belgium providing strategic IT and architecture advice at large governmental and global private organizations.

At this moment he is a freelance strategy consultant defining and assessing IT strategy and architectures aligned with business strategy for large organizations (private and public sector, national and international).