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The Vlerick Business School Alumni present you its 2020 Geopolitical Lectures Series. This series consists of 12 evening lectures given by top-level speakers and experts in the domain of high-level political power-relationships across the world. Discover valuable insights into key geopolitical issues that will take you around the world, from Flanders, to Russia, Iran, India and Africa.


4 February 2020
The Second Alienation : the era of worldwide cooperation
By Michael Vlerick, science philosopher, teaching at the University of Tilburg 

In this first session of the Geopolitical Series, the science philosopher Michael Vlerick will plead for a worldwide cooperation model in which citizens really have a say. He introduces his book : “De Tweede Vervreemding : het tijdperk van wereldwijde samenwerking”.
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Location: Vlerick Campus Brussels | Language: Dutch


13 February 2020
Extremism and Geopolitics
By Rudi Vranckx, historian, conflict journalist VRT NWS and author

Rudi Vranckx will share his insights on how conflicts started and expanded over the last 30 years. In this session he will investigate the true nature of the conflicts but also the stories of ordinary people undergoing these large-scale events. 
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Location: Vlerick Campus Brussels | Language: Dutch


9 March 2020
The Key Geopolitical Issues of India
By Bala Ganessane, CEO of BMG

Bala Ganessane will take you on a trip to India. After a general introduction of the country, Bala will focus on understanding India’s Sphere-of-Influence, investigate the relationship between Europe and India and explore the business opportunities in India for Belgian/European companies. 
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Location: Vlerick Campus Brussels | Language: English


26 March 2020
Vision of Flemish Coffee Entrepreneurs in the Specialty Market
By Rob Berghmans, CEO of Caffenation & Cory Bush, CEO of 32cup Coffee Merchants

The world of coffee is continuously changing. In this event in our Geopolitical Lectures Series, two CEO's of renowned coffee companies - Rob Berghmans (Caffenation) and Cory Bush (32cup Coffee Merchants) -, will share their view on the global coffee trade. 
Postponed to beginning of 2021 - more information following soon

Location: PAKT Antwerp | Language: English


23 April 2020
The Geopolitics of Nuclear Power
By Prof Ronnie Belmans, vice-president of the KU Leuven Energy Institute, co-founder and CEO of EnergyVille, chairmain of the VREG and honorary chairman of ELIA

Which countries need nuclear power, now and in future? Which nations can fulfil this need by building, operating and even financing nuclear power plants abroad? How does this influence global politics and our economy? In this session professor Ronnie Belmans will share his insights on the geopolitics of nuclear power. 
Postponed to beginning of 2021 - more information following soon

Location: Vlerick Campus Brussels | Language: English


28 May 2020
An unconventional view of the Global Crisis
By Christian Ghymers, independent consultant

In this Geopolitical Lectures Series-session Christian Ghymers will give us his unconventional view of the global crisis, its systemic nature and possible solutions. This lecture will develop an “out-of-the-box” but rational approach of the global crisis, followed by a lively debate with the participants. 
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Location: Online (via ZOOM) | Language: English


8 June 2020
Russia, geopolitics and political risks. And why it matters for your business.
By Otilia Dhand, Senior Vice President at Teneo

In this session, Otilia Dhand will give us insights in the foreign policy of Russia and its origins. She will share some tricks of political risk forecasting to help you gauge what's coming for your business when doing business in Russia. 
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Location: Online (via ZOOM) | Language: English 


10 September 2020
China 2050. Practical issues with doing Business in China
By Guy Verruy, independent consultant

China is becoming the first economy in the world. How does it evolve and what can we expect? A testimony by Guy Verrue, who was frequently present in China for more than 15 years. Getting things done: from setting up plants and getting things running, to doing business on the local market. 
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Location: Online (via ZOOM) | Language: English 


26 October 2020
Geopolitics of Financial Markets
By Christian Van Den Heede, Senior Wealth Manager & Portfolio Manager at Fuchs Finance Luxembourg

Worldwide geopolitical events are at everyone’s fingertips at any given moment in this digital world. Just like the financial markets are. How do the latter cope with the main themes in geopolitics? Does one have to consider geopolitical issues while taking investment decisions? This lecture will provide you opportune insights by demonstrating some fine cases. 
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Location: Online (via ZOOM) | Language: English


9 November 2020
Geopolitics: the issues with Nuclear Weapons
By Tom Sauer, Associate Professor in International Politics at the Universiteit Antwerpen

It dates from 1953 that the Doomsday Clock was so near to 12h00 : two to twelve. Prof. Tom Sauer will explain in the session the direction of nuclear weapon proliferation in 2020. 
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Location: Online (via ZOOM)| Language: Dutch


8 February 2021
African Diaspora: Geopolitical Issues
By Jean-Gervais Yoyo Moutome, Engineer / Training Consultant, Université de Rouen and Panthéon Sorbonne Paris

Jean-Gervais Yoyo Moutome will show you in this Geopolitical Lectures Series how a good and pragmatic understanding of the local supply chain can bring competitive advantage in Africa. This presentation discusses the key specifications of Triple A Supply Chain and brings a specific case study on Cameroon.

Location: Online (via ZOOM)| Language: English


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