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Visionary leadership, values-oriented leadership, mission, vision, values and beliefs; it is a small selection of terms that, during the last two decades, became more and more part of the vocabulary within the management world. These terms originated within a philosophical context but have, under influence of the Anglo Saxon world, become commonly used concepts in the management context.

It is not the things themselves that worry us, but the ideas about these things that worry us. - Epictetus.

Perhaps one of the greatest fears of man is to lead a meaningless life. The search for meaning and significance is a documented 'raison d'être'. It is the mold from which we start activities, evaluate and improve. The reason for existence, we find back in individuals as well as in larger systems and organizations, and it is a binding pattern across our interests, wishes and goals.
In Greek mythology, this "reason for being" was personified as the daimon. The daimon was seen as the inner guidance and if one honored and acted according to it, it was the genius of thought and action. When the daimon was ignored, it degenerated and led to self destruction.
The daimon shows us how we can give sense, direction and meaning to our lives. The connection between language and reality is created by the meaning we give to the words we use, according to Ludwig Wittgenstein.

In this lecture we will go deeper into the question of meaning and significance and the place it occupies in the management context.

douwe-nuttersDouwe Nutterts has devoted much of his life to the study of the interaction between psychotherapy and the transpersonal approach. He is trained in a number of psychotherapeutic approaches that depart from humanistic psychology. He is also a passionate seeker of some meditative and spiritual traditions, and he has a lot of thought for the various Buddhist schools and the BEING-oriented movements.



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