M&A insights from a Belgian family-owned Group

Category: Alumni Events

Keynote by Baron Philippe Vlerick (Founder and CEO)

With its industrial roots in the textile industry dating back to 1880, the Vlerick Group was founded in 1992, originating from B.I.C. Carpets. The group has grown through investments in listed companies, private equity and real estate. The group has nowadays participations in companies like KBC, Smartphoto, Oxurion, Etex, BMT, Raymond Uco Denim, Mediahuis, Concordia, LVD, Pentahold, and others.

Mr Vlerick is the founder and CEO of this very diversified Vlerick group. He is also a private equity shareholder and an early stage company investor in a wide range of industrial sectors. During his keynote, Mr Vlerick will highlight his investment experience, elaborating on specific M&A cases. Finally, Mr Vlerick will share with us his personal learnings in M&A. A panel of experts with a.o. Christel Van den Eynden (Partner Liedekerke), Prof. Hans Vanoorbeek (Vlerick Business School) and Dieter Aelvoet (Founder & Managing Director Aim Group), moderated by Marc Cosaert (EY), will comment and debate. A networking reception will close the evening.

This evening is a “must” for business owners, board members, CEO’s and MBI/MBO candidates who want to gain more insights in take-overs and learn from the M&A experience of leading companies. 

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