Marketing Shower: More (than) Money

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Sometimes we feel like we are losing touch with our jobs. As marketers, we are supposed to tell stories, and sell emotions… but what part of the day are we really working from the heart?

Our next Marketing Shower dives into the very purpose of our profession. We will give deeper meaning to being a marketer. It’s about real people and real brands. With the marketing P for Passion and Purpose.

Before going on a guided tour around the brewery of the most genuine beer brand Duvel Moortgat, we have 3 keynotes planned.
Anouk MendelbaumBrigitte Schroëder are experts in burn-outs and well being, and they will share their vision and experience on how to give more purpose to our profession.

On top, we invited Thijs Maartens, owner of Robuust shop, the first zero waste shop in Belgium (read: no packaging). He will bring his courageous story about being genuine, not cheaper or faster.

Keynote Speakers

  1. 3 Keynotes 
     - Anouk Mendelbaum (Consultant & Executive Coach, Associate at the European Institute for Intervention and Research on Burn out.)
     - Brigitte Schroëder (Costing Manager, ACG Glass Europe, Member of the Vigilance Network of Well-being @ AGC)

    “Need for meaning and the professional exhaustion, individual and collective responsibility. Introduction with presentation of the case of AGC Glass Europe”

     - Thijs Maartens (owner Robuust, the first zero waste shop in Belgium. Read: no packaging).

    He will bring his courageous story about being genuine, not cheaper or faster.

  2. Duvel Moortgat: Guided Tour 

    “The first Duvel was brewed in 1918 by Albert Moortgat. Up to today the brewers of Duvel Moortgat still use this unique brewing process, which takes 90 days. Quality is the key word at Duvel Moortgat. Dive into the wonderful world of this authentic brewery. You will be welcomed by a professional corporate guide. After a fascinating introductory film, you will be given a guided tour of the brewery and a chance to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the brewing process and the impressive bottling plant.”


  • 19:00 Doors open – welcome drinks/sandwiches
  • 19:30 Start KEYNOTES
  • 20:30 Visit DUVEL MOORTGAT brewery
  • 21:15 Cheese reception
  • 22:00 The End




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