Personal Development: People in change: Stability Management by Vlerick Prof. Peter de Prins

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Personal Development

Our Master in General Management Alumni organize a series of 9 events throughout 2018 to boost your Personal Development.
The first event in this series is: People in change: stability management by Prof. Peter De Prins

 Peter de Prins Biography of the speaker:

Prof. Peter de Prins Peter De Prins is professor at Vlerick Business School. He started a career as entrepreneur after his Engineering degree at KU Leuven and the University College of Antwerp. He is a certified consultant in MBTI, Insights, Thomas DISC, organizational constellations, Teams to Results, NLP, Corporate Values Assessment, Situational Leadership, Core Qualities and Lego Serious Play.

When we talk about change management, most of us have an image of taking a group of people in the organization through a set of pre-defined logical steps, leading to a set of goals. This approach is mostly based on a rational analysis and planning, aimed at controlling each phase of the process. And it is mostly an extrapolation of old patterns and systems, and therefor often reversible. When it does not work the way it was planned, you can easily get back to the old habits.
Research has shown that today’s approach on change management requires new ways of thinking and new behaviors. It is a multi-dimensional and radial approach, often breaking with the past and working with new systems in a different context. And therefore mostly irreversible.  In-depth successful change often is partly disruptive in existing systems and procedures, shaking up cultures and ways of dealing with employees. Employees that are often scared, feel insecure, and want to be left alone. A change manager needs to understand how to manage the impact on the organization and its people, and how to keep the stability during this process.
In this seminar we will deliver you a clear view on the three main aspects you need to master to implement change in the current VUCA world. We will use our newly developed integrative ‘6 batteries model’ on change that incorporates all the different perspectives on how to deal with change in your own personal journey and in those of the employees of your organization of the 21st century.

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Theme Date  Speaker   Place
People in change: stability management  29 Jan. 2018  Prof. Peter de Prins Campus Brussel
Leadership competencies  15 Feb. 2018  Mr Jean Debrosse Campus Brussel
Dealing successfully with people using Behavioral Styles (Dutch)  15 March 2018  Mr Willy Musschoot Campus Ghent
The interface of neurons in our brain (Dutch)  23 April 2018  Dr Luc Swinnen Campus Ghent
Attitude and motivation (Dutch)  7 May 2018  Mr Patrick Merlevede Campus Ghent
Employee engagement (Dutch)  31 May 2018  Mr Jos De Neve Campus Ghent
Burn-Out & Depression (Dutch)  13 Sept. 2018  Ms Willemijn van Dommelen Campus Ghent
Change and transition (Dutch)  22 Oct. 2018  Mr Douwe Nutterts Campus Ghent
Talent management and happiness (Dutch)  26 Nov. 2018  Ms Rita Raets  Campus Ghent


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