Supply Chain 4.0 and the Impact of the Wearable Technology

Category: Alumni Events

This session starts with a short overview of a couple of interesting wearable technologies.

We specifically take a closer look at the different types of smart glasses. Will these gadgets continue to be a hype mainly in the consumer market? Or can we speak of a reliable hardware that is ready for business use?

In addition to this, we discuss the possibilities of this technology in the cyber-physical supply chain of the future and we reflect on whether or not the wearables will cause a disruption in the supply chain landscape as we know it.

We end the session with a demo illustrating that the future of tomorrow has already begun today.

Our keynote speakers:

 Luc Pleysier  Luc Pleysier (VIL)
 Peter Verstraeten  Peter Verstraeten (Proceedix)

7pm: hosting
7.30pm: Start presentations
9pm: networking reception

This event is for free upon registration via Ms. Cloé De Moor