The business of art... and the art of business

Category: Alumni Events

The art world is a mysterious place, unknown to many of us. PUB/MGM Alumni aims to decrease this treshold to the world of art. During an exclusive event with limited capacity, we would like to answer some of the following questions: is art a safe investment? How does the business of art work? Which period or type of art should you buy?

PUB/MGM Alumni invites you to its event in a suberb location: the newly renovated gallery Desmet. Gallery Desmet was founded in 1980 and collects and sells classical sculptures and works of art that date from antiquity to renaissance and baroque and neoclassical periods. It is located in the centre of antiques in Belgium: the Sablon in Brussels.

We selected four speakers on this topic:

Tobias Desmet

Tobias Desmet, Desmet Gallery



Sarah Vanwelden

Sarah Vanwelden (MGMG 2012), Christie's London

 Walter Vanhaerents

Walter Vanhaerents, collectioneur and founder of Vanhaerents Art Collection


 Hubert d'Ursel

Hubert d'Ursel
, Bank Degroof Petercam Structured Finance, ex-Sotheby's


Exclusive personal tour

Platinum members will be invited for an exclusive personal tour in the gallery by host Tobias Desmet before the opening of the event (19h).

Catering will be provided by Alex & Alex (