The Vlerick Awards 2018

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Congratulations to Dieter De Mesmaeker (DataCamp) and Lieve Mostrey (Euroclear), our Vlerick Award winners!

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Lieve Mostrey and Dieter De Mesmaeker - winners Vlerick Awards 2018 

6 nominees 

On the occasion of its 65th anniversary, Vlerick Business School invites you to a special edition of the Vlerick Award.

Two awards will be presented to entrepreneurs in business: the first, our traditional Vlerick Award will go to an established business personality, while a new prize called the Vlerick Venture Award will be given to a young, entrepreneurial Vlerick alumna/us whose organisation has both grown and made a positive impact on society.

Three entrepreneurs have been shortlisted in each category, one of whom will go home with the prestigious award: 


This unique occasion brings 6 top business personalities together for an exchange of thought and ideas between their respective organisations.

Vlerick Venture Award

Our jury, consisting of a small committee of 9 experienced entrepreneurs, investors and experts from the Vlerick faculty (see our “Entrepreneurs in Residence”) will select the winner of the Vlerick Venture Award.

Vlerick Award

The Vlerick Award winner on the other hand, will be selected through online and live voting during the show itself hosted by Isabel Albers (De Tijd/L’Echo) on Thursday 7 June 2018 in the beautiful setting of Hôtel De La Poste at Tour. This is your chance to cast your vote online and choose your Vlerick Award winner!

Vlerick Awards nominees


Vote for 1 of our 3 Vlerick Award 2018 nominees:
Jef Colruyt Lieve Mostrey  Michèle Sioen 
  Jef Colruyt
  CEO Colruyt Group            
   Lieve Mostrey
   CEO Euroclear                  
  Michèle Sioen
  CEO Sioen Industries

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Join this prestigious event hosted by Isabel Albers (De Tijd/L’Echo) on Thursday 7 June 2018 in the beautiful setting of Hôtel De La Poste at Tour & Taxis in Brussels, bringing together 6 top business personalities for an exchange of thought and ideas between their respective organisations.

Vlerick Awards 2018


Find out who are current Vlerick Award winner (in bold) and past winners and nominees are:

  • 2001                             
    • Em. Prof. Dr. Erik De Lembre
    • Prof. Dr. Philippe Haspeslagh
    • Mr. Karel Van Miert (+), Minister Van Staat
    • Prof. Herman Verwilst
  • 2002                             
    • Em. Prof. Dr. Herman Daems
    • Baron. Paul De Keersmaeker
    • Em. Prof. Dr. Mark Eyskens, Minister van Staat
    • Prof. Dr. Jef Roos
  • 2003                             
    • Burggraaf Etienne Davignon
    • Mr. Jean-Luc Dehaene (+), Minister van Staat
    • Baron Paul De Meester
    • Prof. Dr. Eddy Wymeersch
  • 2004                             
    • Mr. Jean-Pierre Hansen
    • Prof. Dr. Hilde Laga
    • Baron Dr. Peter Piot
    • Prof. Johan Vande Lanotte, Minister van Staat
  • 2005
    • Baron Paul Buysse
    • Baron Gerard Mortier
    • Ridder Jacques Rogge
    • Dr. Catherine Verfaillie
  • 2006             
    • Zr. Jeanne Devos
    • Mr. Franco Dragone
    • Mr. Michel Tilmant
    • Mr. Luc Vandevelde
  • 2007                             
    • Mr. Paul Bulcke
    • Mr. Rudi De Becker
    • Baron Patrick De Maeseneire
    • Mr. Georges Ugeux
  • 2008             
    • Mr. Hein Deprez
    • Mr. Gabriel Fehervari
    • Mr. Marc Saverys
    • Mr. Urbain Vandeurzen
  • 2009                             
    • Mr. Marc Coucke
    • Mr. Roland Duchâtelet
    • Mr. Fernand Huts
    • Mr. Herman Van de Velde
  • 2010                             
    • Mr. Michael Bremans
    • Mr. Thomas Leysen
    • Mr. Jean Stéphenne
    • Baron Vic Swerts
  • 2011                             
    • Baron Luc Bertrand
    • Mr. Luc De Bruyckere
    • Baron Bert De Graeve
    • Mr. Laurent Minguet
  • 2012             
    • Mr. Hedwig De Meyer
    • Mr. Ivo Marechal
    • Mr. Chris Van Doorslaer
    • Mr. Wilfried Vancraen
  • 2014                             
    • Ms. Christ'l Joris
    • Mr. Michel Moortgat
    • Ms. Martine Reynaers
    • Mr. Guido Van Herpe
  • 2015             
    • Mr. Alain Bernard
    • Mr. Bernard Delvaux
    • Ms. Dominique Leroy
    • Mr. Koen Van Gerven
  • 2016                              
    • Ann & Bart Claes    
    • Ms. Françoise Chombar
    • Mr. Eric Domb
    • Mr. Rudi Pauwels
  • 2017
    • Mr. Gaëtan Hannecart
    • Mr. Dieter Penninckx
    • Ms. Marleen Vaesen
    • Ms. Conny Vandendriessche