What matters: leadership or followership - Tribal leadership

Category: Alumni Events

This lecture has already been given in Dutch at the Ghent campus (17/11/2014), and due to its huge success is now being repeated at the Leuven Campus in English.

Jos discusses the maturity stages that groups of people can display. He addresses what action is needed to take the group to the next level of maturity. During the lecture attendees are prompted to act and present their opinions!

Speaker Mr. Jos De Neve

jos-de-neveJos is a gifted speaker, a "Systems Thinker" and "Change Manager". He has 35 years experience in the world of coaching and consulting.

After this interactive session, we would like to offer you a network reception where you will have the possibility to further discuss this theme with the other participants.




18u30 : Registration
19u00 : Start Session
21u00 : Networking reception




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