The Wisdom Principles 10: Transitions: coping with big changes in our life by Mr. Douwe Nutterts

Category: Alumni Events
25 November 2019
6:30 - 9:00 pm
Ghent Campus
Students, Alumni & Third parties

Join our first lecture in the Alumni activity series, the Wisdom Principles. This series consists of 10 evening lectures, given by top-level speakers and experts in the domain of human development.

Although changes in our life are inevitable, most people are not prepared at all. Transitions are the psychological processes that people ‘undergo’ while adapting to the new situation. It is possible to develop the requisite attitudes for dealing with transitions and changes

The programme:

6:30 pm     Registration & Welcome
7:00 pm     Start lecture
9:00 pm     Networking drink 

If you intend to participate at 5 or more lectures within the 'Wisdom Principles Series', we recommend you to buy the subscription to the entire series.

D Nutters

Mr. Douwe Nutterts

Mr. Douwe Nutterts has devoted much of his life to the study of the interaction between psychotherapy and the transpersonal approach. He is trained in a number of psychotherapeutic approaches that depart from humanistic psychology. He is also a passionate seeker of some meditative and spiritual traditions, and he has a lot of thought for the various Buddhist schools and the BEING-oriented movements.