The Wisdom Principles 7: A leadership hierarchy by Mr. Jean Debrosse

Category: Alumni Events
9 September 2019
6:30 - 9:00 pm
Brussels Campus
Students, Alumni & Third parties

Join our 7th lecture in the Alumni activity series, the Wisdom Principles. This series consists of 10 evening lectures, given by top-level speakers and experts in the domain of human development.

A common thought for many of us is that almost all leaders share more or less the same competencies and are equally able to manage complexity, as long as they are labeled "leaders". This is not correct.

In fact, by increasing order of complexity-to-be-dealt-with, and the corresponding requisite level of maturity, we discern distinct levels of leaders: "the Warrior", "the Opportunist", "the Diplomat", "the Expert", "the Achiever", "the Individualist", "the Strategist" and "the Magician". All those Leaders climb the same mountain path, some interrupting their journey in one or another stage, and all at a different pace. All these levels have a significant different view of the world, so different that, for example, "the Opportunist" has difficulties to understand "the Achiever"; the space between both of them being already too large.

Moreover, the consciousness of the category we pertain to is only developing at advanced stages of leadership. We are mostly unconscious of where we stand on this journey. The effect of realizing where we are, is comparable to receiving the results of a honest 360° evaluation. Being truly conscious of your stage-of-development will boost your growth and focus on what's important for you to develop at that very time.
This approach is scientifically based on the work of R. Kegan, O. Laske, S. Cook-Greuter, J. Loevinger, E. Kubler-Ross, L.Kohlberg and others. 

The programme:

6:30 pm     Registration & Welcome
7:00 pm     Start lecture
9:00 pm     Networking drink 

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J Debrosse

Mr. Jean Debrosse

Mr. Jean Debrosse has more than 40 years’ experience in leading positions in multinational companies: change, leadership and strategy. Currently Business & HR consultant applying "conscious business": placing the human being at the center of the organization, and the organization at the service of humanity.

He has a passion for the development of the human being and its place in the organization and is still practicing research at the Inter-Developmental Institute.

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