The Wisdom Principles 9: The unknown unknown: freemasonry by Prof. Jean Paul Van Bendegem

Category: Alumni Events
7 October 2019
6:30 - 9:00 pm
Brussels Campus
Students, Alumni & Third parties

Join our 9th lecture in the Alumni activity series, the Wisdom Principles. This series consists of 10 evening lectures, given by top-level speakers and experts in the domain of human development.

The aim of this lecture is to quite simply present what freemasonry is all about. In the Belgian context this society is largely unknown and veiled in secrecy. In this lecture Professor Jean Paul Van Bendegem wants to lift a corner of that veil. The lecture consists of five parts: (1) what can be known about freemasonry, (2) what are the historical origins, (3) what is the situation in Belgium, (4) what does a freemason actually do and what role do rituals and symbols play, and (5) what are his personal experiences after 35 years. 

The programme:

6:30 pm     Registration & Welcome
7:00 pm     Start lecture
9:00 pm     Networking drink 

If you intend to participate at 5 or more lectures within the 'Wisdom Principles Series', we recommend you to buy the subscription to the entire series.

JP Van Bendegem

Prof. Jean Paul Van Bendegem

Jean Paul Van Bendegem is professor emeritus at Vrije Universiteit Brussel and guest professor at Ghent University. He is a mathematician and philosopher and focused his teaching and research mainly about logic and philosophy of science. He was also the director of the Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Outside of academia he participates in the public debate through books, articles, columns and lectures. He has been a freemason for 35 years.

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