Fintech Futures: Crypto-economics

Category: Corporate Events
5 September 2018
6 - 8:30 pm
Brussels Campus
Professionals & executives

Almost 2 years ago we started the FinTech Futures series with a session on demystifying Blockchain. Now it is time to revisit this topic but in a broader perspective. In this session we dive into Crypto-economics: cryptography, tokens, currencies and ICOs. Where are we at today and is it all wizardry belonging at Hogwarts or can it actually help create value for organisations in their digital transformation journeys?

The programme:

6:00 pm     Welcome drink and sandwiches
6:30 pm     Intro by Fabian Vandenreydt
6:45 pm     Solving real-world problems with cryptography
7:15 pm     Token-economics & cryptocurrencies
7:45 pm     Story of an ICO
8:15 pm     Panel – Q&A
8:30 pm     Networking drink in Vlerick lounge

Fabian Vandenreydt

Fabian Vandenreydt, Executive Chairman of B-Hive

“I am mostly interested in technology combined with process renewal, people, and business models” – namely “how to apply these enablers to concrete use cases.”

As executive chairman of B-Hive Fabian works hard on accelerating the development of Brussels/Belgium as a financial technology innovation/collaboration hub in the heart of Europe. With at least 2 of their strategic programmes (Cyberhive & Trusthive) focussed on crypto to tackle specific industry problems, Fabian will share some insights on future developments in this domain.

Smart Nigel

Dr. Nigel Smart, Professor of cryptography at K.U.Leuven

“If you actually want to do something useful with mathematics you have got to get into cryptography”

As a world-renowned expert in applied cryptography and former Vice-president of the international association of cryptographic research, Nigel certainly has good view on this domain. The fact that he founded several start-ups illustrates his credo that cryptography should be used to solve real-world problems for organisations.
Dr. Jamsheed Shorish

Dr. Jamsheed Shorish, CEO/founder of Shorish Research & CTO Uberlink Corporation

“Tokens are nothing new. Ducks, pheasants and eggs were some of the early tokens used to exchange value.”

A former professor turned entrepreneur, Jamsheed works on state-of-the-art applications of new technologies that can fundamentally impact existing business models. Inspired by Pieter Brueghel he focuses on tokens, coins, currencies and how to value, design and govern them.  But most importantly, he applies his insights to organisations to help create business value with these new technologies.


Investereum, Startup - Blockchain & cryptocurrency knowledge platform

Investereum provide strategic advice on blockchain and crypto opportunities for organizations. They bring a Belgian client case who is preparing an ICO and will share insights into the process of ICO pre-sales marketing, their business model and some of the early key learnings.

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This lecture is meant for working professionals & executives. Still a student? Discover our fintech bootcamp.


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