Smarter Cities How can Public Private Partnership help

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Frank Butstraen, Executive Director of Futurocité, orients our focus to some basic questions like:
What is the origin of Smart ?
How will concepts as Smarter Cities and Open and Big data impact us ?
How will this change the way we think and use technology ?
How will we cope with the population growth in our cities and solve the upcoming challenges ?

What can we do to make our Cities more "intelligent" and How can a Public Private Collaboration like FuturoCité facilitate politicians and administrations to take initiatives to cope with these.

Keynote speaker
  • Frank Butstraen, Executive Director, Futurocité
More information

Frank has acquired years of experience as a top Manager for IBM & Phillips: he gained this experience with governments that need to find new challenges to keep their cities survivable with the use of modern technology.
Furthermore, he's a talented speaker who can captivate his audience from start until end.


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