The latest science on BurnOut and BoreOut

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Do you recognise yourself in the following :

  • You are a perfectionist and really, really care about your job
  • Your job is stressful, you face many requests, a lot of information to process or customers to keep happy
  • You are rarely ill, but lately you have sleeping difficulties or low energy level

Then we urge you to join our session with experts on Burn-Out and Bore-Out.

Keynote speakers:

  • Dr. Luc Swinnen
  • Dhr. Walter Bauwens

Extra information:

Multiple drivers in our society lead to an increasing number of people suffering from Burn-Out and Bore-Out. Whereas in the past, nurses suffered from burn-out, it is now knowledge workers and managers who are especially prone to be afflicted.
We invited two experts to provide you with insight in the topic :

  • Dr. L. Swinnen will explain the latest scientific insights in these phenomena, how to recognize it in ourselves and our colleagues and what we can do about it.
  • Mr. Walter Bauwens will enlighten us with a personal experience and how he dealt with it. 

About 9% of the Belgian working population suffers from burnout symptoms, especially knowledge workers, and that from the age of 35 years onwards. You feel empty and exhausted - emotionally - after a day and in the morning you're already tired of coping with your work. Many people with an impending burnout also have a very negative view of the world. And then there's also the phenomenon called bore-out: you are dead bored by always repeating the same work. Added together about 15% of knowledge workers have to deal with these severe forms of exhaustion.
19h30 – Dr. L. Swinnen
20h30 – Dhr. W. Bauwens
21h00 – Q & A
21h30 – Bar
Special offer! All participants receive a free copy of the latest book of Luc Swinnen.





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