Vlerick Award 2019

Category: Alumni Events


The Vlerick Award has been a prestigious annual event of Vlerick Business School for nearly 20 years. During this exclusive, evening, two Vlerick Awards will be presented to successful business leaders whose organisations have shown significant growth. Our traditional Vlerick Enterprising Leader Award will go to a senior Vlerick alumna/us with clear leadership skills, while the Vlerick Venture Award will be given to a young, entrepreneurial Vlerick alumna/us.

Our call for nominees has ended. We will soon announce our nominees and also the lucky winners who made nominations and won 1 of the 10 free tickets.


Enterprising Leader Award:

• Alumnus/a
• The company has grown to an international status in a sustainable way
• Organisation has shown growth and made a positive impact on society
• Challenges the traditional way of doing business
• Demonstrates clear leadership skills

Venture Award:

• Alumnus/a
• Up to 40 years old
• Owner or founder of an organisation in the profit or non-profit sector
• Organisation has shown growth and made a positive impact on society

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