#1 Venture Talks: AI is your business!

Category: Alumni Events
17 October 2018
6:30 - 8:30 pm
Ghent Campus
Students and Alumni

Artificial intelligence is big business and indeed, there is no end to the stories on what AI can do: facial recognition, language analysis, event prediction, logo detection, … But how to implement this in your organisation? During this talk we uncover real use cases from start to end. What’s the return on investment, who do you need in your team to train the machine, and how to actually make things work?

The programme:

6:30 pm     Registration & Welcome
7:00 pm     Kenny Helsens, AI Lead In The Pocket
7:20 pm     Jonathan Berte, founder & CEO Robovision
7:40 pm     Vincent Spruyt, Chief Data Scientist, Sentiance
8:00 pm     Panel discussion led by Prof. Öykü Isik
8:30 pm     Networking drink


Dr. Jamsheed Shorish

Prof. Öykü Işık, Vlerick Business School

Öykü Işık is an Assistant Professor of Information Systems Management at Vlerick. Öykü’s main research interests are in the fields of data privacy & protection, Business Intelligence & analytics, and Business process management (BPM). At Vlerick, her main teaching duties concentrate on digital disruption, BPM, artificial intelligence, data privacy and protection. She is rewarded for setting up the Coding Boot Camp for Master & MBA students.


Kenny Helsens

Kenny Helsens, AI Lead In The Pocket

Kenny Helsens leads the AI Team at In The Pocket, a digital product studio. With a mixed background in statistics, consumer electronics, biotechnology, and computer science, Kenny easily transcends domain boundaries and matches technology with business needs. For Vlerick Venturing, he will introduce their AI Canvas method to discover your ai opportunity space.

Berte Jonathan

Jonathan Berte, founder & CEO Robovision

Jonathan Berte is founder and CEO of Robovision. Robovision is a company specialized in deep learning-based machine vision and robot programming. They are focused on the design, development and deployment of complete automation projects, where illumination, digital cameras, robots and artificial intelligent agents play an important role.

Spruyt Vincent

Vincent Spruyt, Chief Data Scientist, Sentiance

Vincent is among the top MIT Technology Review’s Innovators Under 35 in Europe for 2017. Working with his team at Sentiance, he is developing a scalable machine learning platform to predict human behavior based on mobile sensor data. With his background in computer vision and machine learning, his team laid the foundations of several AI solutions that quickly made Sentiance one of the strongest competitors in its field.


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