Webinar: Bargaining with the devil

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Negotiation is powerful. The top and bottom line impact of crafting deals and bridging divides motivates business people to give important negotiations their all. And rightly so: increasing your negotiation power is one of the greatest difference-makers in daily life, be it in the boardroom or with your children at home.

But what if you don’t trust your counterparts? Or if you thoroughly dislike them? Is negotiation always the answer? How do you bargain with an “enemy” on the other side, who is intent on harming – or even destroying – you?  What is the right strategy when you are facing your negotiation “devil”?

In this webinar, Vlerick Professor and international negotiation expert Katia Tieleman addresses the question: When to negotiate (and when not to)? Prof Tieleman bases her advice on the insights in the best-selling book Bargaining with the Devil by her Harvard colleague, Robert Mnookin. She discusses the common traps in negotiations between strong adversaries and strategies to overcome them.

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Dirk Buyens

Katia Tieleman
How can businesses achieve optimal results in negotiations while developing sustainable relationships and avoiding costs of conflict? Based on the cross fertilisation of 15 years of experience as a top Negotiator , Advisor and Trainer in negotiations, Prof Katia Tieleman provides leading companies with the mindset, approach and tools to turn negotiation and conflict challenges to their advantage. With her ground-breaking Negotiation Intelligence® (NQ®) research and diagnostic, she has developed a powerful instrument to screen and foster individual and organisational negotiation capabilities.

She worked with international organisations such as the World Bank, the OECD and leading companies, and guided them through internal disputes, crucial merger-and-acquisition negotiations, and management-labour conflicts. She is affiliated with the Harvard Negotiation Program at Harvard Law School.


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