Webinar: Business: Disrupted. How to handle digital disruption for the SMEs

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While digital transformation is sweeping the markets, SMEs are sandwiched between million dollar companies and nimble start-ups. More and more SMEs are realizing that being digital is no longer about innovation, but survival - it is now critical to understand the new, disruptive technologies.

To survive, SMEs need leaders and executives that stay ahead of the disruption curve. They need to be equipped with critical skills and knowledge to keep a finger on the pulse for emergent technologies.

In this webinar, we share a couple of models on understanding how disruptive technologies work, and decision making mechanisms on how to deal with them. We also share a few examples of victories as well as defeats due to digital disruption. The ultimate motivation; show SMEs that they do not have to be crushed under the wave of digital transformation, but be the ones riding it.

Öykü Işık

Öycku Isik
Öykü Işık is an Assistant Professor of Information Systems Management at Vlerick. She holds an BSc degree in Computer Science and Mathematics (2002) and an MBA degree (2005) from Istanbul Bilgi University. She earned her PhD degree in Business Computer Information Systems (2010) from the University of North Texas. Before she joined Vlerick, Öykü has taught Information Systems courses at the University of North Texas and Istanbul Bilgi University.
Öykü’s main research interests are in the field of Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Process Management (BPM). At Vlerick, her main teaching duties concentrate on BI, BPM, and IT Management.
She is actively involved with the BPM Network, a Centre for Excellence on business process management, where she conducts research as well as teaching activities. She is also an advisory board member of the BI-community, which is a network for business intelligence professionals in Europe



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