Webinar: Increase the efficiency of your pharmaceuticals sales force

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For ages, the pharmaceutical industry has focused on personal sales visits as the single most effective way of influencing healthcare practitioners to prescribe their products. But with the new advances in technology, healthcare practitioners are increasingly questioning the need for a face-to-face meeting with the sales rep, while, at the same time, they are looking for more effective and efficient ways to receive relevant information about solutions that can help them and the patients under their care.

This has led pharmaceutical companies to put more emphasis on multichannel marketing – not only to personalise messages per healthcare provider, but also to help their salespeople focus their attention on the right healthcare provider.

In this session, Fonny Schenck, CEO of A-Cross Health, will share his insights into how pharmaceutical companies, and other companies in the healthcare sector, can harness the full potential of multichannel marketing while increasing the efficiency of their sales force.


Speaker info

Fonny Schenck joined Across Group as a managing partner and subsequently took the CEO position at Across Health. He previously worked at Johnson & Johnson, where he focused on creating a worldwide CRM strategy and on leveraging best practices across the globe. He held regional and global roles in the business and CRM space at Janssen.

At Across Health, he is focused on helping clients “crossing the chasm”, i.e. navigating towards a new commercial model, through the selective adoption of impactful innovative customer approaches and moving these beyond the pilot stage into the daily practice, through an integrated mix of strategy, organization, processes and strategic metrics. Fonny likes to work at the intersection of technology, commercial effectiveness, business strategy and innovation. One of his more recent focus areas is the impact of connected healthcare.

Fonny is a well-known speaker at international CRM events, a guest lecturer at Celforpharma, and author of several strategic CRM articles.


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