Webinar: Strategy in Times of Turbulence

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Organisations today operate in turbulent environments – but they still need to maintain performance, even when confronted with rapid, frequent and unpredictable change. So, firms need to develop an adaptive advantage. This calls for strategic insights into how to develop a strategy that allows for a pro-active approach to managing turbulence. During this webinar, we will discuss the challenges facing established organisations and the key success factors that enable them to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions.

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Carine Peeters

Prof Carine Peeters
Professor of Strategy at Vlerick Business School, Carine has expertise in adaptive strategy processes and capabilities. She chairs Vlerick’s Entrepreneurship, Governance and Strategy Area. In addition, Carine is involved in actionable research, working closely with companies to discover and share best practices in strategy. A firm believer in boosting company performance through people, Carine has turned that conviction into a passion for developing the strategic thinking and practice of executives and managers at all organisational levels.


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