Webinar: The new way of working

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Is the new world of work that new?
And if it is, what can we learn from it?

Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous - that’s the world we’re all working in. And we don’t give ourselves a chance of handling it if we simply sit behind a desk from 9-5. Instead, we work from anywhere at any time. But how do we make sure that anytime, anywhere does not become all the time and everywhere? Because being “always on” can hinder performance and morale. This New World of Work has to work for us, not against us. And in this webinar, we’ll investigate how to make that happen. We’ll investigate the way organisations, team leaders and team members need to share responsibilities. And we’ll explore how to turn the New World of Work into a success story.

Dirk Buyens

Dirk Buyens
An authority on strategic HR, Dirk Buyens can bring out the best in you and your organisation when it comes to the fields of Strategic HRM, Career Management and Organisational Development. With more than 25 years of experience, he shares his knowledge on people management and strategic HR with the participants in our MBA and Executive Education programmes. Dirk is Director of Open Executive Education and Head of the Centre of Excellence in Strategic Talent Management (sTm).



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