Webinar: When in Gaul... do as the Romans do?

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How to overcome ethnocentric mindsets in global organisations?

Global companies are continuously faced with having to maintain a balance between a unified identity and image (the global dimension) and adapting to the local realities of the countries they operate in (the local dimension). Nowhere is this felt more keenly than in HR policies, which must simultaneously provide both global fairness and local sensitivity.

But to what extent is this balancing act influenced by cultural sensitivity? We will use Bennett's Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity (DMIS) to see how cultural sensitivity impacts (for better or for worse) HR (and general company) policies. To make this paradigm more concrete, we shall look specifically at the impact of 3 cultural dimensions – power distance, individualism-collectivism, and time perception – on managing HR-specific issues.

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Smaranda Boros

Smaranda Boros
Smaranda has taught, conducted research and provided consultancy services in many countries in Europe and beyond.
Her main goal is to improve the dynamic capabilities of organisations i.e. the capacity of organisations to actively adapt to their environment and shape it in turn. This adaptive capacity starts with the authentic individual. Yet it also looks further to how a team’s life and performance is shaped by human relations and interactions and what we can do to improve this. Finally, the adaptive capacity looks at the relations between organisations, their stakeholders and environment. Smaranda has pursued these questions further in her academic research and publications, and in her consultancy and coaching, the outcomes of which are then funnelled into her teaching. She delivers learning experiences that are innovative, experiential and challenging and are aimed at developing authentic leaders who make a difference in the world.


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