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    1. Vlerick Alumni & The Progress Coins Club: The Wheel of Life

      Category : Alumni Events

      This evening lecture is an introduction to the 6 psychological states or styles of being imprisoned, 6 worlds of our cyclic existence, according to Buddhist wisdom. The aim is for you to recognise, in each moment of your life, how one of these 6 states is present in your experience and how to free yourself of these chains

    1. Start-up and Scale-up Event

      Category : Career Events

      The Vlerick Start-up & Scale-up Career Event is open to small and medium-sized companies, local and international, looking for young entrepreneurial talent.

    1. Vlerick Alumni & The Progress Coins Club: Burnout Prevention & Treatment

      Category : Alumni Events

      Prof. Dr. Elke Van Hoof is a researcher, expert, author, manager, and public speaker. Embodying a unique combination of business expertise, psychology, and academic research, Elke is a pioneer as she not only focuses on what needs to be done, but also on how this should be done. In order to change the predominant paradigm on stress and help more people flourish in changing contexts, she founded Ally Institute in 2019.

36 results Number of Results per Page

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