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The Vlerick Healthcare Management Centre is a Brussels-based, non-profit, independent think tank. We advance innovative and actionable management and policy solutions in healthcare and life sciences.

Since 2014, we have been working with doctors, hospitals, life science companies, health payers and regulators. Together, we find answers to big challenges including digital transformation, innovation in hospital, health and pharmaceutical, policy management and operational issues.



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Our research is business-oriented, practical and rigorously academic. Shaped by our members’ and partners’ needs, it includes PhD and applied business and policy research.

Health service innovation, affordable and equitable innovation in pharmaceutical health policy and value-based healthcare (VBHC), are some of the areas we’ve explored recently. We’ve also investigated real-world evidence in medicinal market access, innovative life tech payment models, the role of IP licensing in life tech R&D and market access, as well as life tech ethics and biopolitics. If you’re specifically looking for research on hospital operations management, please check out our Minoz Research Centre.

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Each year, we work with our partners and members to draw up a new programme and host a series of related, interactive networking activities to explore ideas that have been identified.

The Vlerick Healthcare Conference is the highlight of the year. It features keynotes from inspirational speakers and offers valuable networking opportunities.

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Recent research

Smart family planning with Organon

We’re proud of our membership of the Responsible Research in Business and Management (RRBM) network – and the fact that we’re a pioneering school. A great example of how we bring their values to our work is our Organon Technology and Society Research Insights Partnership. It focuses on technologies associated with smart family planning. ‘Women’s health is wealth’ is not only a pressing moral and social issue but also a critical economic challenge. By doing this kind of responsible research, we believe we can contribute to a better understanding of the impact of ‘good’ health technology on society.

Early Alzheimer Disease Round Table Project: Preparedness of the Belgian Health System

Disease-modifying therapies (DMT) are becoming increasingly accessible in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. However, for them to be effective, early diagnosis is crucial. Is the Belgian healthcare infrastructure able to diagnose early enough? There is a high unmet clinical and social need for treatment for this disease. But adopting DMTs may require a transformation of Belgian healthcare practice. This health policy-preparing paper is the result of a Belgian Early Alzheimer Disease Round Table, as well as an anonymised memory clinics survey and a computer simulation. Through dialogue with all stakeholders, it presents workable solutions for expensive but curing therapies.

Impact of price transparency on negotiations and prices for new and innovative medicines

Although it seems counterintuitive, our research indicates that without confidential price agreements, lower income countries will pay up to 12% higher prices for innovative medicines that richer countries. They also gain access to them far later than richer countries. These are the findings of a simulation model, developed by Vlerick Business School, in partnership with the IMT School for Advanced Studies in Lucca, Italy. They challenge the assumption that total price transparency leads to more competition, lower prices for all – and greater availability of these medicines for more people.

Acting with foresight in times of budget austerity

Horizon scanning is understood to be an important part of a demand-driven healthcare system. This policy paper proposes a two-stage approach to the national scanning process. If adopted, the proposals would lead to better management of healthcare budgets – particularly in an environment where innovative, high-cost therapies are likely to emerge. The paper suggests a pilot in Belgium.

European emergency health fund is needed to limit the impact of future crises

The Covid pandemic stretched the public health structures and mechanisms of the European Union to breaking point – particularly those dealing with emergencies. It revealed a need for deeper union and collaboration across the European healthcare sector – and for a significant financial cushion for rapid funding. In their policy paper, Professor David Veredas, Professor Simon Ashby and doctoral researcher Dimitrios Kolokas propose the creation of an Emergency Health Financing Facility (EHFF) – to mitigate the impact of any future crisis.

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Expert faculty

Brecht Cardoen

Brecht Cardoen

Professor of Operations Management

Brecht Cardoen, director of the DBA programme, introduces you to decision science and process analytics – and their impact on manufacturing and service operations. 

Walter Van Dyck

Walter Van Dyck

Professor of Innovation Management

Walter Van Dyck supports global science and technology companies with strategic innovation management.

Filip Roodhooft

Filip Roodhooft

Professor of Management Accounting

Filip Roodhooft shows you how the finance function can be a valuable business partner for your organisation. 


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Ester Van Haute

Ester Van Haute

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