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A lot of companies are still in the early stages of exploring their digital transformation opportunities. Other organisations are taking the lead and setting prime examples. Meanwhile the gap is becoming ever wider between the small and the big companies, between the local, the international and the multinational players.

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The Vlerick Digital Transformation Club will host different types of events:

  1. ‘Traditional’ inspiration events with keynotes by leading speakers, a panel debate and networking
  2. ‘Heavy lifting’ events: mixed table workshops building on the topics of the inspiration events and facilitated by industry leaders, partners and faculty
  3. Vlerick alumni’s 'Digital Challenge': Design thinking 'Giving backathon' - Leveraging the alumni network to give back to the community. E.g. Alumni helping non-profit organisations on specific digital challenges
  4. Online events: Webinars with panel debates, interviews for all Vlerick alumni


The Vlerick Digital Transformation Club aims to connect fellow Vlerick alumni, students, faculty and partners. Vlerick will provide a guiding light by fostering initiatives and building a strong community to inspire and get inspired. It will encourage members to exchange insights and experiences on all challenges and opportunities related to Digital Transformation.


All Vlerick alumni with a strong interest in both Digital and Business Transformation are eligible. We aim to bring together a well-balanced group of alumni that are strongly motivated to contribute to building and organising the different events.

Membership to the Vlerick Digital Transformation Club requires a paying Vlerick alumni membership. We expect from members that they actively attend the events, at least 4 times per year and commit to dedicating the necessary time and effort needed to prepare the initiatives.


A dedicated team of alumni and faculty represent the driving force behind the club. Under the direction of the Head Volunteer, they are responsible for the daily management of the club as well as organising its various activities. Reach out for more information or details on how you can contribute.

Bart Baeyens

Head Volunteer
Bart Baeyens
Alumnus of Executive MBA Combi 2017
Head of Business Development at Soudal
E: [email protected]
T: +32 496 16 42 08 


Interested in exchanging ideas, insights or even just good times with like-minded alumni in an informal setting? Sign up today! Membership is free for full Alumni members and students of the School. In some cases, other interested parties may be eligible to join. Please contact [email protected] for details and pricing.

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