Clubs and Global communities

Enriching professional and social lives across the world

Vlerick is a place where you make relationships that last a lifetime. Nowhere is this more evident than in our highly active and dynamic clubs. Every year, the committed volunteers who run our social clubs welcome new members who share their interests and passions. Meanwhile, our business and professional clubs are driven by alumni and faculty to help you stay on top of your game. Our Global Communities support alumni in networks around the world. 

Business & professional clubs

Cutting-edge opportunities to broaden your professional insight and knowledge are waiting for you. Dive deep into your specialist subject, or learn more about new areas. Our clubs are driven by passionate alumni and steered by Vlerick faculty, in collaboration with key industry figures. Use them as a sounding board for your ideas, to gain insights and expand your network.

Social interest clubs

Unforgettable experience and unique opportunities are waiting for you in our clubs. Packed with activities and opportunities to connect and network throughout the year, you’ll be welcome to take part and enjoy great company in informal settings. 

Global communities

Our Global Communities all around the world support their members, build networks and promote the Vlerick brand across a wide range of professional and social activities. Want to get in touch with the Vlerick community in your country? Let us know and we'll connect you! 

World map alumni global communities

Australia (Sydney) 
Jean-Christophe Mignon
Masters in Marketing Management 2011
China (Beijing) 
David Wang
Executive MBA China
France (Paris)
Luc Poppe
Masters in General Management 1986
Germany (Frankfurt am Main)
Martin Naucke
Executive MBA 2018
Greece (Athens) 
Andreas Stefan Miltz
Full-time MBA 2013
Ireland (Dublin) 
John Paul Clarke
Masters in Marketing Management 2005 
Italy (Milan)
Anna Strogaya
Full-time MBA 2010
Christian Van Den Heede
Masters in General Management 1991
Mexico (Mexico DC) 
Montserrat López
Full-time MBA 2015
Romania (Cluj-Napoca) 
Vlad Gliga
Masters in General Management 2012   
Spain (Cabo de Palos) 
Johan Conix
Mastering Interim Management 2006 
Sweden (Huddinge) 
Melissa Soto
Masters in Marketing Management 2014
Switzerland (Zürich) 
Sonia Cardinale
MBA FSI 2016
The Netherlands (Amsterdam) 
Phéline Casier
Masters in General Management 2015
Gerard Salvador López
Masters in General Management 2015    
Turkey (Istanbul) 
Tunca Demirci
Full-time MBA 2006
United Arab Emirates (Dubai) 
Karel De Winter
Masters in Marketing Management 1995
United Kingdom (London) 
Charlotte Versavel
Masters in Financial Management 2012    
Patrick Van Rosendaal (New York)   
Executive Master Class in Consumer Marketing 2003
Olga Lagunova (Mountain View)      
Full-time MBA 2013
Bert Denolf (Washington DC)
Masters in General Management 2004

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Maureen O'Hare

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