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In line with the current guidelines from the National Security Council regarding the Covid-19 / Corona virus, we have resumed our on-campus activities in a very cautious way. As the safety and wellbeing of our community remains our priority, we implement a range of precautionary measures. Find out more about our on campus safety measures > 

hybrid learning

Our Learning Approach

You might wonder what impact these safety measures have on our Masters programmes and, more specifically, on our way of teaching. We can assure you, that you can expect an optimum combination of online learning and on campus teaching in small groups, with respect for physical distancing. This way, as a Masters student, you will be able to benefit from intimate, maximum-impact learning while also ensuring your safety.

In the present academic year, all Masters programmes have kicked-off in September as planned, in a safe environment with the necessary health precautions. Through our hybrid teaching format, we want to make sure that our personal hands-on learning experience, which is why our students chose Vlerick Business school, will be able to happen face-to-face, in small rotational learning squads.

The vibe on campus is exactly what you’d expect from Vlerick – energetic, buzzing and full of possibility with room for personal development coaching and international networking. For other sessions, such as business simulations or games, they might take place online, thus guaranteeing the most flexible approach, in a live online session. This hybrid way of working will also make sure your knowledge and skill set are future proof to tackle your career to come.


At Vlerick we create a space where you can immerse yourself in energetic, inspirational and highly interactive learning. It’s where you leap into new approaches, learn from doing, sharing and absorbing – leading you to that job or professional goal you’ve always dreamed of.

In order to make sure you can achieve this during your Masters programme at Vlerick, we make the following 5 promises to you:

our 5 promises

#1 Your safety = Our concern

Our first priority, of course, is a safe learning environment for you and our whole Vlerick community. That means that your Vlerick year is still the moment to work on yourself, get confidential coaching and a way to safely build and try out new skills. A place where you can focus on transforming your objectives, your ambitions and your dreams into reality.

on-campus teadhcing This also means that we’ve taken the necessary health precautions so you’ll be able to focus all your energy and attention on learning. Our campuses are equipped with signs to inform everyone about the required physical distance and routes to follow when entering or leaving the building. We’ve also implemented the use of handgel, mouth masks for students and face shields for professors. 

#2 Your future needs = Our starting point

Learning has most impact when you learn about yourself too. And to make results tangible, your starting point will be concrete, relevant and personal – based on the real-life challenges you are currently facing.

We build on your past experiences and current situation to give you the tools and confidence to take the next steps in your professional development – giving you a tangible return on your investment. More specifically, during the programme, you’ll get a 360° scan of your own strengths and weaknesses, work on an in-company project, get in touch with many companies through our Career Fairs and practical, real-life business cases, network with Vlerick alumni who will share insights into getting that specific job you are aspiring for… 

in-company projects 

#3 Your learning = Always active

You’ll be encouraged to think about the challenges you are facing and you’ll be invited to challenge the status quo and put your learnings into action. You’ll dive into a learning experience made up of different activities and formats that are all highly interactive, effective and fun – regardless of physical distancing.

setting on-campusThroughout the year, we will ensure rotational learning squads, combining on-campus teaching with online learning. This hybrid way of working will also make sure your knowledge and skill set are future proof to tackle your career to come, while also enjoying the energetic, buzzing and full of possibility vibe on our campuses.

Along the way, we’ll continuously challenge you, on your current framework and way of thinking, while providing you with new tools and building blocks to take the leap towards your dream career.

#4 Your Vlerick Network = A community for life

You’ll be able to meet people from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, to gain different perspectives and insights, while discovering and realizing the first stepping stones to your future career path. A path that can be tailored by you, not just from choosing your own electives and bootcamps or in-company project, but even taking part in live online or self-paced learning moments. For us, this variety of formats is an opportunity to double down on what sets Vlerick apart.

career skillsOur faculty are approachable and accessible. So you’ll have plenty opportunities to grab a coffee or chat online with your professor and share insights from across sectors, geographies, experiences and cultures. 

Through the real-life business cases you’ll work on, and thanks to the smaller rotational learning squads, you’ll have endless opportunities to hear from and meet experts and senior leaders from a wide variety of organisations on campus or online.

#5 Your leap forward = Our reward

Throughout the programme, we give you the knowledge, tools and mindset to challenge the status quo. You become a change agent in your organisation – equipped with frameworks, tools, action plans and the confidence to inspire others. A confident leader who’ll make a positive impact in business and in society. 

You can rely on us, our Careers Team, Professors, Programme Managers, to support you as you adapt and learn throughout your career. Our mission to keep you ahead of the curve is one of the reasons we’re a triple accredited and top-ranked business school.

Read more about our learning approach here >

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