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Ready to shape the future? Just not sure how to go about it? Whether you want to challenge the status quo from within an existing company or at the head of your own, we give you the skills, insights, attitudes and network that will make innovation work for you and bring new business ideas to life!


  • get the skills I need to have real social impact
  • learn how to use innovation to make a difference
  • manage research and development to turn ideas into practice 
  • boost my entrepreneurial leadership skills or found my own business  

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At Vlerick, we don't just give you a solid theoretical grounding in all core management disciplines. We also give you the hands-on skills, real-world experience and value-added network that turn it into a launch pad for your future career or business.

        Through a powerful mix of multidisciplinary action learning and targeted personal development, you will:
    • acquire broad-ranging entrepreneurial and leadership skills via interactive classes, real-life cases, company visits and group projects
    • challenge yourself in a vibrant, diverse and dynamic setting designed to get you out of your comfort zone and onto the path of success
    • build a coordinated network of corporate innovators, seasoned entrepreneurs, potential investors and venture capitalists ('business angels')
    • witness the disruptive power of innovation first hand during our Silicon Valley Disruption Tour
    • expand your career perspectives in corporate innovation and innovation consultancy
    • develop your own proof of concept with business experts as part of a start-up accelerator or project


From theory to practice

From student to professional

- Interactive classes
- Pragmatic, multidisciplinary approach
- Insightful business simulations
- Real-life cases and challenges
- Inspirational trip to Silicon Valley

- Continuous feedback and coaching
- Targeted skill development
- Comprehensive career services
- Multiple networking opportunities
- Personal development portfolio

Our programme is the gateway to a career as an innovative leader in any kind of company - a large consultancy firm, a multinational, or your own business.

During the disruption tour to Silicon Valley you'll get the chance to visit innovative companies, investors and incubators or join our start-up accelerator to launch your own start-up.

Take look at the detailed curriculum here.

MIE curriculum

Fundaments of Running an Innovative Company Electives Boot Camps Silicon Valley Tour Innovation Project Startup Internship Start-up Internship Action Learning Personal Development Start-up accelerator Idea Generation Idea Conversion Idea Diffusion Innovation Challenge


  • a recent university graduate with limited or no work experience?
  • passionate about innovation and a believer in the power of business to change the world?
  • ready to start your own business or take your career to the next level?

If so, then chances are you’re a perfect fit for a Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Vlerick. With an incredibly diverse student body from all kinds of backgrounds, you’ll quickly discover that it’s not so much your background that counts at Vlerick but where you’re headed!
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Take a look at a few examples of current employers of our Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship graduates:

companies MIE graduates 

Your Vlerick Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship is just the beginning! A whole range of specialist career events, professional career counselling, hands-on coaching and exclusive job opportunities will make your next big step seem closer than ever! Take part in our regular Vlerick Venture Talks, get inspired at our Start-up & Scale-up event, join our Sales Club and tap into our extensive network of mentors and business angels. Just some of the ways we really get your career moving at Vlerick! Find out more >


Arno BossaertMeet Arno Bossaert, Growth Hacker at Byteflies and alumnus of the Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship programme.

" At Vlerick you can feel the energy and the passion that pushes and challenges the students forward. After 5 years of engineering studies, I was able to learn a new - more entrepreneurial, value-based - way of thinking and to apply that directly in practice during the In-Company-Project. The programme made it possible to adapt to the strategically and entrepreneurial thinking of a young startup,where hands-on approach is a general principle."

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Robin KleerMeet Robin Kleer, Associate Professor of Innovation Management at Vlerick at Vlerick Business School and the Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship Programme Director

Robin Kleer is an Associate Professor of Innovation Management at Vlerick. He holds a Diploma in Business Engineering from the University of Karlsruhe (2005). He earned his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Wuerzburg. Subsequently he worked as an assistant professor at RWTH Aachen University and as a professor in Technology and Innovation Management at the Technical University of Berlin. Robin had several stays abroad for teaching, research and consulting, for example at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Michigan State University, German University of Technology and LECG Brussels. Read more >.


Stimulating entrepreneurship is and has always been at the core of Vlerick Business School’s mission since its inception. This focus on entrepreneurship is reflected in a broad offering of courses and other initiatives to emerging and existing entrepreneurs:
The Vlerick Student Entrepreneurship Fund support students and alumni that want to become entrepreneurs. The Social Forum matches Vlerick students with organisations that develop, fund, and implement solutions to social, cultural or environmental challenges You have access to mentors, a wide range of opportunities to pitch your ideas to potential investors. And of course the physical space of our campus is the perfect place to launch your start-up.


Take a look at some practical information on our Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship:


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   Below you will find some success stories from our Innovation and Entrepreneurship alumni:

Elias Maalouli

Elias Maalouli:
After working for five years in Beirut, Elias Maalouli knew he wanted to set up his own business. When he decided to follow the Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship programme in 2016, it was the first step in his journey as an entrepreneur. Last year, he finally launched FoundersBei, a co-working space in Beirut. Read more »

Listen to our podcast with Elias:

‘Vlerick Change Makers’ is an original Vlerick podcast series. In this podcast, we learn from Vlerick alumni on how they live, learn and leap in these turbulent times:

laura guillaume
Laura Guillaume :
Strawberry growers across the world are struggling to find enough manpower to harvest their fruit. So R&D company Octinion has come up with an answer. They’ve built Rubion, the world’s first fully autonomous strawberry-picking robot that picks fruit just like a human – looking at ripeness and size as it works.

Laura Guillaume is an alumna of our Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. She’s Product Manager at Octinion and was part of the team that brought Rubion to market. She says: “The economic and strategic skills I gained at Vlerick, combined with my technical background, gave me a headstart at Octinion. I’m the link between what our clients need and what our engineers can produce – I make sure our product is both technologically feasible and economically viable.” Rubion launched in Berlin in February with great success – the first run of robots has already been sold and more orders are sure to follow. See Rubion in action here »
Helena Gheeraert
Helena Gheeraert:
A whopping 45% of our fruit and veg ends up in the bin, simply because consumers don’t like imperfection. Our Masters in General Management alumna Helena Gheeraert decided to tackle this challenge. She created Wonky – a business making healthy dips from less-than-perfect veggies. At first she supplied local delis – but soon you’ll find Wonky in shops across Europe. Find out how she did it »

Emiel Govaert
Emiel Govaert:
If you drink a delicious cocktail at an event or in a bar, there’s a good chance it’s a Fusion cocktail. Emiel Govaert, the founder of Fusion, is a civil and architectural engineer, as well as a mixologist – a ‘cocktail architect’ if you like. “Making cocktails is my passion and thanks to the Masters in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, I have turned it into my job.” Read more »

Steven Debaere, Anton Claeys and Jeroen Spitaels:
How do you find the time, skills and inspiration to cook fresh, healthy food every day? Three of our Masters in General Management alumni found the answer and set up the smart cooking technology Mealhero. Steven Debaere, Anton Claeys and Jeroen Spitaels created an online food service combining a smart steamer, home delivered food boxes containing freshly frozen ingredients and a smartphone app. The company has been going from strength to strength and has also secured a healthy 900,000 euro in funding. Find out how Mealhero works »

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