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Innovation and entrepreneurship are powered by venture capital and private equity. But how do these funds work – and how can you make the most of them? This four-day blended programme for investors and financially-savvy entrepreneurs has the answers. You’ll live and learn how VC/PE companies are structured – and how to do deals with them. You’ll become familiar with finance models, capitalisation tables and term sheets. And you’ll gain the skills and tools you need to take the leap into valuing ventures and constructing deals.

Detailed programme


This programme consists of four modules that combine real-life cases, simulations and toolkits to give you an immersive learning experience. Whether listening to an academic lecture, working on a business case analysis or debating investment scenarios in breakout groups, you’ll find the learning experience impactful, practical and thought-provoking.

Module 1: The Venture Capital and Private Equity Model

  • Dive into private equity and venture capital – and discover how they create value
  • Explore the business model of private equity and venture capital
  • Understand the Belgian VC/PE ecosystem
  • Hear real-life testimonials from an entrepreneur, venture capitalist and private equity manager

Module 2: Valuation of Early-Stage Companies

  • Learn why traditional corporate finance models don’t work for early-stage companies
  • Discover the techniques venture capital and private equity investors use
  • Explore flexible valuation linked to future developments

Module 3: Structuring the Deal

  • Dive into deal structure funding and debt and equity instruments
  • Understand common deal features
  • Explore exit preferences and valuation
  • Discover how term sheets can reduce risk
  • Discuss governance and control in a VC-backed company

Module 4: The Buy-out Model

  • Understand value creation principles in buy-outs
  • Delve into a debt structuring exercise
  • Learn to design a Management Buy-Out (MBO) – including financial structure, business optimisation and growth

Why this programme

  • Understand how a VC/PE fund is set up and how its investment cycle works
  • Discover how VC/PE managers are compensated, and how this compensation aligns with their goals and objectives
  • Find out how to adapt standard company valuation models for a start-up or scale-up
  • Learn to structure deals in a highly uncertain environment
  • Explore how risk and control shift between different parties
  • Design a full buyout model for profitable growth and value creation

Who should attend

  • Finance professionals who want to deepen their knowledge of venture capital and private equity
  • Venture capital or private equity managers
  • Investment managers, consultants, legal advisors or business developers
  • Entrepreneurs with financial acumen

In previous editions, we had the pleasure of welcoming participants from companies like:

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Success stories

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This programme is specifically aimed at financial executives who are directly or indirectly involved with VC/PE. I particularly appreciated the interaction and knowledge sharing between colleagues, guest speakers and professors – and discussing real life cases.


Miguel Meuleman

Miguel Meuleman

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Miguel Meuleman is passionate about the process, people and investors behind new venture ideas.

Sophie Manigart

Sophie Manigart

Professor of Corporate Finance

Sophie Manigart is an experienced teacher, researcher and advisor in entrepreneurial finance, venture capital and private equity.

Hans Vanoorbeek

Hans Vanoorbeek

Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship

An expert in private equity, Hans Vanoorbeek shares his passion for entrepreneurial buyouts.

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