Scale Labs

An exclusive community of founders and C-levels who are ready to scale

Join an exclusive, life-long learning community of founders and C-levels of fast-growing companies – and get practical, robust insights that will help your business professionalise and grow. The Scale Lab is a confidential, informal forum where members openly share the good, the bad and the ugly. Each session is led and moderated by experts, including Vlerick faculty and seasoned entrepreneurs – and we work with you to co-create the agenda.

This programme takes place every two years. We invite up to 25 founders and C-levels to join us for each edition.

Detailed programme

Growing a business comes with many challenges. But the Scale Lab is here to help you accelerate and professionalise your organisation and achieve your ambitions. You’ll gain practical insights into the critical success factors for business growth – and at the same time, become an even better leader.

This six-day programme has two tracks:

  • Insight track: Seven modules that cover the latest management theories, models and tools that can help you scale your business. Through case studies and peer discussions, you’ll apply them to your own organisation.
  • Implementation track: After each module, you’ll work on your own company, translating your new knowledge into practical actions to accelerate personal and business growth.

This programme is co-created with our members – so the detail may vary.

The Insight track contains five [ELH1] modules:

Module 1: Growth scan

  • Use the 360° growth capability scan to discover the business areas with the most potential for growth
  • Build your vision to grow your business sustainably
  • Evaluate your progress at a personal and professional level
  • Spot growing pains and identify areas to improve to achieve further growth
  • Take part in personal coaching to define your action plan

Module 2: Building resilience at the workplace

  • Learn to take your organisation from vulnerable to resilient, from stuck to agile and from busy to creating value
  • Get individual feedback and insights from your colleagues into how you work and lead
  • Challenge yourself in a group coaching session
  • Create a plan to improve self-care, resilience, agility, and energy across your company
  • Learn to navigate through turbulent times while staying mentally resilient and emotionally balanced
  • Reflect on your own leadership skills and behaviour to lead people and your organisation
  • Motivate your team to perform even better by leading by example

Module 3: Board room sessions*

  • Join our Entrepreurs-in-Residence in a board room setting
  • Discuss topics like M&A, digital marketing, CRM, sustainability and fundraising – choose the topic most relevant to you
  • Get detailed and honest feedback on your specific challenges in sounding board sessions

*This is part of V-Entrepreneurs – Vlerick’s broader entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Module 4: See the bigger picture - make strategic choices

  • Learn the strategies you need to manage rapid growth
  • Determine where you stand today and where you want to go – and define how to get there
  • Conduct a thorough analysis of your current business model and define actions to create and implement a winning strategy
  • Translate your plans into specific milestones, actions and objectives for the whole company (people, processes and resources)

Module 5: Using the right metrics for future financial success

  • Learn what metrics/KPIs you need to steer your organisation in the right direction
  • Explore an overview of the systems that can support this information without being dependent on IT
  • Gain insight in what roles/responsibilities to include and how to share knowledge within the organisation
  • Understand how to use financial data to make improvements to your business

Module 6: Making sustainability part of your company's DNA*

  • Discover how to embed sustainability and make it part of business as usual
  • Explore pioneering examples of companies who have built sustainability into their DNA
  • Learn what it takes to become someone who thinks sustainably
  • Evaluate what sustainability activity is right for your organisation

*This is part of V-Entrepreneurs – Vlerick’s broader entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Module 7: Deep connection day

  • Take time to develop a network of peers to support and encourage you
  • Join your fellow entrepreneurs at a unique location for a one-off, unforgettable experience
  • Connect with like-minded people to share experiences and best practice in a confidential environment

Implementation track

This is designed to help you put theory into practice. After each Insight module, you’ll take part in an interactive Q&A call. First you’ll hear from an owner-entrepreneur about their biggest mistake and biggest achievement (related to the module topic). Then you’ll join your peers in a breakout room to share challenges and get valuable feedback.

At the beginning and end of the programme, you’ll use Vlerick’s 360° growth scan – and take part in individual coaching – so you can track your progress and get a clear understanding of where you can improve.

Why this programme

  • Be part of an exclusive community of like-minded leaders from fast-growing European scale-ups
  • Connect with founders, experts and investors
  • Gain tailored insights that will help you accelerate your personal and business development
  • Develop concrete action plans and get valuable feedback from peers
  • Deepen your thinking by accessing cutting-edge thought leadership and engaging in open and confidential discussion

Who should attend

  • This programme is open to alumni of the Scale-Up Masterclass, MBA or Masters programmes and the Entrepreneurship 2.0 Roundtables
  • We welcome ambitious founders and C-levels who want to achieve high growth
  • Membership of this high-quality group of entrepreneurs is by invitation only