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Turn challenges into negotiation opportunities with this 100% online, flexible programme. Gain the mindset and skills to approach any negotiation with confidence – and shape the outcome.  

Over six weeks, your learning journey will help you to live and learn key principles, with different formats that have been designed to help you absorb game-changing information easily – and have fun along the way. When you complete the programme, you’ll be ready to leap into negotiations with confidence. 

Detailed programme

Negotiate for Success is available in a flexible, 100% online format. You immerse yourself in live online webinars and sessions that you can complete at your own pace. 

Through a blend of short videos, reading, reflection, buddy group discussions and real-life negotiation assignments, you’ll live and learn negotiation techniques and theory. Throughout the programme, you’ll apply your new knowledge to a central case.

Spend 2-3 hours per week on the programme and your individual and group assignments to complete it in six weeks. 

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Module 1: Introduction to the world of negotiation 

  • Explore the negotiation playing field  
  • Discover negotiation styles 
  • Discover your preferred negotiation style 

Module 2: Introducing the NQ model 

  • Discover the four keys 
  • Dive deep into your NQ report 
  • Understand how successful negotiators behave 

Module 3: Unlocking fixed positions 

  • Adopt a mindset of sincere curiosity 
  • Develop your inquisitiveness skills 

Module 4: Unlocking fixed values 

  • Learn the mindset of suspending judgement 
  • Explore non-conformist thinking 

Module 5: Unlocking your safety kit 

  • Learn to be motivated by achievement  
  • Develop persuasive thinking 

Module 6: Shaping the game 

  • Nurture a mindset of empowerment 
  • Understand systemic thinking 

Why this programme

  • Discover the broad playing field of negotiations 
  • Evaluate your own negotiation style – and recognise other people’s 
  • Understand Negotiation Intelligence and the NQ® Model – and apply it to a real-life case 
  • Identify your own strengths and weaknesses in your NQ Scan 
  • Develop the essential mindset and skills to become more NQ intelligent 

Who should attend

  • Professionals who represent their organisation in negotiations 
  • Functional experts who are directly involved in negotiations 
  • Professionals who want to get more insight into their negotiation style 

In previous editions, we had the pleasure of welcoming participants from companies like:

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Success stories

Sophie Van Vlierberghe1

The Negotiate for Success programme is not merely about tips & tricks for improving your negotiation skills − it really changes your negotiation mind-set, from ‘you win some, you lose some’ to ‘find value creation opportunities for both parties’. You can access this online training programme on a variety of devices, and the fact that it’s online means that you can use it flexibly at your convenience. Vlerick’s approach is academic, but the material is taught so that the learnings are applicable in your daily professional and personal lives. I highly recommend this programme for people and organisations interested in raising their negotiation style to the next level − which is value creation.


Katia Tieleman

Katia Tieleman

Professor of Negotiation

Katia Tieleman provides leading companies with the mindset, tools and approaches to turn negotiation and conflict challenges to their advantage.

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Maaike van Ameijde

Maaike van Ameijde

BU Head Open Executive Education