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A successful negotiator can make a difference in business – and in life. On this five-day programme, you’ll live and learn the mindset you need to succeed at the negotiation table. You’ll reshape your beliefs around negotiating. And you’ll develop the skills and confidence to take your negotiating powers to even greater heights. When you return to the workplace, you’ll be ready to leap into negotiations, close deals – and add value for everyone involved.

Detailed programme

This programme goes well beyond traditional negotiation training. It focuses on the processes and tactics used at the negotiating table – and the beliefs, mindset and skills you need to succeed. You’ll explore theories and models and apply them through role play and simulations. This, combined with expert feedback from our faculty, will help you truly embed your new skills, knowledge and mindset.

The programme comprises seven modules:

Module 1: The concept of NQ® (Negotiation Intelligence)  

  • Explore the importance of mindset 
  • Get to know the NQ® model and how it works 

Module 2: Negotiation parameters  

  • Understand how to claim your share 

Module 3: Unlocking underlying interests 

  • Explore the differences between positions and interests 
  • Learn to ask the right questions 

Module 4: Thinking out-of-the box 

  • Discover how to think in terms of options  
  • Learn about active listening 

Module 5: Verbal and nonverbal communication 

  • Dive into persuasion techniques 
  • Discuss the power of emotions 

Module 6: How to shape negotiation strategy 

  • Explore 3D negotiations 
  • Learn how to handle multi-party negotiations 

Module 7: Your personal negotiation style 

  • Discover your strengths 
  • Learn to tackle your weak spots 

Why this programme

  • Discover how your mindset and beliefs about negotiation can influence your strategy and tactics – and affect the outcome of a negotiation 
  • Experiment with various negotiation techniques to get better results and develop sustainable relationships with your counterparts
  • Apply your new knowledge in a safe learning environment – boosting your confidence for future negotiations
  • Identify and develop your own negotiation style (based on the NQ® concept)
  • Take your skills to a higher level with some practical tips and tricks 

Who should attend

  • Professionals who represent their organisation in negotiations
  • Functional experts directly involved in negotiations 

In previous editions, we had the pleasure of welcoming participants from companies like:

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Success stories

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This programme changed my approach to negotiation. I’ve learned to do my homework and make sure I understand the interests of all parties before the crucial meeting begins. This allows you to create value for all stakeholders, instead of ending up in a win/lose or even lose/lose situation.


Barney Jordaan

Barney Jordaan

Professor of Negotiation

Barney Jordaan is an expert in negotiation and conflict leadership – and helps organisations build effective negotiation strategies.

Katia Tieleman

Katia Tieleman

Professor of Negotiation

Katia Tieleman provides leading companies with the mindset, tools and approaches to turn negotiation and conflict challenges to their advantage.