Getting started as an entrepreneur

Hans Crijns, Luc Baltussen. LannooCampus, 2010, 136 p. - ISBN 978-90-209-9373-8

With 'Getting started as an entrepreneur' (Starten als Ondernemer) Hans Crijns and Luc Baltussen will guide you along the path to entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a process of taking not one but multiple steps. In this book you will read the do’s and don’ts of entrepreneurship to get yourself prepared! The book aims at people who have an itch for developing the ideas they are brooding on: the young manager who wants to take a new direction in his career, the senior who doesn’t want to even think of retiring or the ambitious father or mother who now have time for new challenges with the kids out of the house. But the book is also recommended for students who hope that life has more in store for them than a steady job. 

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