Running your company the smart way

How Industry 4.0 will change the way you do business

Everyone is talking about Industry 4.0 – from the Internet of Things, additive manufacturing and the cloud through to artificial intelligence, augmented reality and blockchain. But what does it all mean in practice?

It’s not a question of if Industry 4.0 will drastically change the way we do business. It’s a question of when and how quickly. So how can you apply this technology in your business – not just to improve production and performance, but to make a difference for customers?

This white paper* gives you the insight you need to get ahead of the game and prepare your organisation for the fourth industrial revolution.

Key insights:

1/ Back to the beginning
• Four industrial revolutions
• Where does the term Industry 4.0 come from?

2/ Defining Industry 4.0
• Four principles

3/ The role of technology

4/ Smart factories – the adoption of 4.0 technology inside factory walls
• Smart maintenance

5/ Smart supply chains – the adoption of 4.0 technology beyond the factory walls
• Smart logistics: collaborative shipping, synchromodality and deep reinforcement learning

6/ Smart products – taking the complete value chain into account
• The B2B2C perspective

7/ Smart people – the workforce of the future
• Connecting man and machine
• The growing importance of soft skills

8/ What’s next?

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* The white paper is based on the insights of the following Vlerick experts:

  • Professor Robert Boute
  • Professor Öykü Isik
  • Professor Robin Kleer
  • Professor Steve Muylle
  • Professor Karlien Vanderheyden
  • Professor Ann Vereecke

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