How to build a purpose-driven organisation

Organisations today are dealing with rapid changes and complex challenges. To survive and excel in a volatile business context, it has been argued that organisations need to adopt a more purpose-driven approach in doing business that transcends profits.

A higher purpose refers to why we do what we do, reflecting something much more aspirational and contributes to our global society. Purpose is not about designing a fancy purpose statement that will be printed on organisational documents, rather it’s about generating a purpose that will be imprinted in the heads and especially the hearts of employees, making them feel proud of being part of the organisation and leading to shared ambitions. A strong and shared purpose illuminates the mind (knowledge), captivates the heart (motivation) and guides the daily work of employees within the organisation (action).

Creating and establishing such strong and shared corporate purpose, however, can be a complex process. In the whitepaper ‘The Case for Purpose: Demistifying the field’, Professor Koen Dewettinck and researcher Emmy Defever aim to provide a clear understanding of what purpose is and why it matters. Based on the research available, they reflect on how a strong and shared purpose can be established by organisations.

We hope this whitepaper helps you to grasp the what, the why and the how of purpose and supports you in your journey to become a purpose-driven organisation.

1/ What is purpose?
2/ Why is purpose important?
3/ How to build a purpose-driven organisation? 
          > Identifying corporate purpose 
          > How to cultivate a shared purpose
4/ Assessment: How purpose-driven is your organisation?
5/ Conclusion

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